Four Year Strong – Go Down In History


Go Down In History


Pure Noise Records



For Fans Of

Sum 41, New Found Glory


Aggression and melody in a neat little package.


76 / 100

Needless to say there would probably be some fans who have been seriously waiting for some new music from Four Year Strong. ‘Go Down In History’ is the band’s first new material since 2011’s ‘In Some Way, Shape Or Form’ on which the group ventured out for the first time as a synthesiser-less four piece.

Possibly because this release is just an EP, it packs a punch. The group arrives and departs in a blaze of big riffs and melodic hooks, teasing listeners with the brash style of their early form, and reminding us why we dug them in the first place.

Opening track ‘What’s In The Box’ explodes with chugging guitars and pounding drums, which pave the way for the band’s signature back and forth dual vocal attack. The sound recalls the ‘Enemy Of The World’ album and uses riffs that make them seem like Sum 41 on steroids, this is happy melodic punk with hardcore aggression.

‘Living Proof Of A Stubborn Youth’ starts with a pep talk like chant spreading out into a driving beat that bounces off the guitar stabs creating a percussive sound overall. The overall theme of the track is there to uplift, the solemn palm muted section that whispers “I fall asleep, I wake up and I repeat, but at least I’m still breathing because I know there’s a reason” pretty much sums up the “can-do” attitude of the track.

The EP’s mid-point, ‘Tread Lightly’, starts off a little more metal, with some thrash punk verses before opening up into a bright and soaring chorus. FYS are melding their genre loves seamlessly with the pedal constantly to the floor, but it is the huge and catchy chorus that really shows their strength, it’s the kind of song that you want to hear while in a mosh pit surrounded by your buddies screaming the lyrics into the sky.

The record closes out with the title track, a group vocal laden number that manages to layer itself up with all kinds of grit; sounding like some sort of new age stadium rock and ‘So You’re Saying There’s A Chance...’ another fast paced punk outing with plenty of chugs and hooks.


There isn’t a lot of variance within itself, or from exactly what you would expect from Four Year Strong, but this little EP is energetic and catchy, and some of the finer quality melodic punk and hardcore smoosh available today.


1. What’s In The Box?

2. Living Proof of a Stubborn Youth

3. Tread Lightly

4. Go Down in History

5. So You’re Saying There’s A Chance…

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