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Exit Wounds


Century Media



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Solid sounds overall but lacking a sense of diversity.


65 / 100

The Haunted have produced some hits and misses in the past but with a well-received previous EP they put themselves back in the game. Now latest release, ‘Exit Wounds,’ claims to take the band back to their trademark sounds.

Starting off with some instrumentals, the album quickly throws you into a ferocious front, with thrashy guitars underpinning ‘Cutting Teeth.’

There are some memorable solos throughout on tracks like ‘My Salvation’ and ‘All I Have.’ Throw in some of the catchy vocals on tracks like ‘Psychonaut’ and The Haunted seem to have a good thing going here.

Coming towards the end of the 14-track offering however it starts to get a little dry. The band makes some strides in the melody/heavy crossover but by the time ‘My Enemy‘ rolls around it feels a bit like you have been listening to the same song over.

Final track ‘Ghost In The Machines’ ends on a relatively high note though. Overall, the sounds are consistent and it does feel like old school The Haunted, but ‘Exit Wounds‘ lacks some needed diversity.


‘Exit Wounds’ has some catchy vocals and solid instrumental work. The Haunted have taken their sound back to their roots and old school fans may enjoy this album. The album does, however, present very similar songs throughout and lacks that added and dynamic excitement.


1. 317
2. Cutting Teeth
3. My Salvation
4. Psychonaut
5. Eye Of The Storm
6. Trend Killer (feat. Chuck Billy)
7. Time (Will Not Heal)
8. All I Have
9. Temptation
10. My Enemy
11. Kill The Light
12. This War
13. Infiltrator
14. Ghost In The Machine

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