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An eloquent and memorable tribute EP, appropriately loyal and creative.


70 / 100

You Blew It!, with a discography that is bizarre and erratic, are rarely ever composed. Listen to their Weezer tribute EP, You Blue It, however and it’s a different story. Having somewhat reigned in their own peculiar and energetic interpretation of indie punk on this EP, You Blew It! eloquently capture a vivid impression of a band that has influenced many. At a neat little crossroad the band is also demonstrating the elaborate dynamic behind their Weezer-inspired sound.

With forthright, timeless melodies and all too familiar choruses, You Blew It! have seemingly chosen those songs that made Weezer ostentatious and unique. ‘In The Garage’ is assured and elegantly delivered, rife with grungy and sluggish verses and strident, incessant choruses, lined by a harmonica.

Strangely, it seems that the band has quelled their usual buoyancy and is instead enjoying the challenge of interpreting songs like ‘My Name Is Jonas’ and ‘Only Dreams’ in a way that is loyal to the band they are emulating.

On tracks such as these, You Blew It! are creating an impression of the originals, imprinting their own eccentric personality and tenacious, garage band guitar riffs onto the songs, while demonstrating a reluctance to fully rework them.

 ‘Only Dreams’ is an enchanting example of the fact that You Blew It! are serious about paying tribute to Weezer properly. Hypnotic and soothing, the vocals are sweet and tender and the instrumentals, measured and serene. The keyboard adds a sense of romanticism with its hollow, sleepy chords, and the light drum riffs and guitar chords ease into the track, creating a slow melody for the vocals to glide along with.

Similarly, ‘Susanne’ demonstrates a raw and vulnerable side of the band, and indeed, on heavier tracks like ‘Surf Wax America,’ which is driven by rambunctious drum riffs and a quickened pace, it becomes apparent that the EP is elementary in touching on the diversity both of the band You Blew It! strive to commemorate, as well as on their own.


Weezer have had the kind of impact that is almost incomparable in the indie world, where everything from power pop to emo has some kind of debt to pay. You Blew It! have claimed that their existence would be unlikely without the influence of Weezer, however it’s bands like You Blew It! that play a major role in revitalising old and (sometimes tired) bands such as this, who may be loosing relevance.


1. In the Garage
2. My Name Is Jonas
3. Only In Dreams
4. Surf Wax America

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