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A Story For Every Scar





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A solid debut for The Evercold.


75 / 100

Melbourne is a mecca for music and lately the Melbourne hardcore scene has pumped out some real goodies. Whether it’s the ‘tune low, play slow’ hardcore enthusiasts in Thorns, the fast, circle-pitting attitude of Free World, or the raw, passionate punk stylings of The Evercold, there’s always a little something for everyone.

The Evercold finally have a proper release under their belts now and it’s a solid, short, punchy release at that. The EP clocks in at just under 20 minutes and with the exclusion of the one minute long transitional track, ‘Scar‘ and the start of ‘I Am. I Fear. I Overcome‘, these songs could whip up circle pits in an instance.

One thing that’s instantly noticeable right away is that the mix isn’t that mind blowing. It’s a little underwhelming at times in fact and it’s quite “boomy”. But it’s all raw, it feels real, and these songs are brimming with passion.Case in point is ‘Mother‘, a dynamic and incredibly heartfelt song and it’s arguably the best out of the half-dozen songs. ‘Jungle Song‘, the superb ‘Lyre‘ and opening track, ‘Meraki‘ are all great examples of how the band write short, simple, yet memorable songs.


This represents a decent debut EP from one of Melbourne’s promising upstart hardcore acts. The Evercold play fast and with plenty of passion, and even if the mixing is underwhelming, it will be great to see what the band brings out next.


1. Meraki
2. Mother
3. Lyre
4. I Am. I Fear. I Overcome
5. Scar
6. Jungle Song

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