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Pennywise revisit their older years with album number eleven.


75 / 100

Pennywise’s latest effort, ‘Yesterdays‘ – their eleventh album to date – is an acknowledgement of their past work in order to move forward. With some nostalgic song writing and an old-school feel, this new album is yet another solid dose of good ol’ fashion punk rock from the veterans.


The riffs, the grooves, the bass lines, Jim Lindberg’s unmistakable vocals, it’s all quintessentially Pennywise. Songs like ‘Public Defender’ and ‘What You Deserve‘ are exactly what you expect from the band – fast, noisy punk rock songs with plenty of catchy attitude. Whereas album stand out, ‘Noise Pollution‘ is just one of those big sing-a-long anthems that Pennywise are known for, like ‘Fuck Authority‘ or ‘Same Old Story‘ were.


Easily the best aspect of this release is the fact that there’s a whole batch of previously unreleased songs that were actually written by former bassist Jason Thirsk (R.I.P.). That alone will make it a must for all of the die-hard fans out there. Out of the twelve tracks, ‘She’s A Winner‘ and ‘Thanksgiving‘ are just two of the songs written by Thirsk and you can really pick it. They stand out from what Pennywise would have normally written otherwise.


The group has really brought these old tape recorded songs to life on ‘Yesterdays‘ with the modern recording versions.


Yesterdays‘ isn’t quite the pissed off, aggressive, political side of the band they’ve been known for during the bulk of their career. Instead, these are more relaxed, more bouncy and more laid back. But don’t fret, they’re still fast, they’re still punk rock, and they’re still Pennywise. After all, if you’ve heard one Pennywise album you’ve basically heard them all.


However, the political side of the band is where they are really in their element, so this may leave a little something to be desired for some listeners.


After twenty five years in the game, ‘Yesterdays’ serves as a great homage to one of the band’s biggest contributors, their fallen band mate and dear friend, Jason Thirsk. It’s also a great way to reflect on their beginnings and to see and understand where they can go from here. Now that Jim Lindberg is back on vocals, it will be great to see what Pennywise come up with next for album number twelve.


1. What You Deserve

2. Restless Time

3. Noise Pollution

4. Violence Never Ending

5. Am Oi!

6. Thanksgiving

7. She’s A Winner

8. Slow Down

9. Public Defender

10. No Way Out

11. I Can Remember

12. Band Practise 89

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