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Powerful vocals and meaty rhythms prove this album to be a great success.


90 / 100

Envenomed have been making a name for themselves in the Melbourne metal scene since 2005, with some line-up changes and hiccups along the way 2014 finally sees the band release their powerful debut album, ‘Evil Unseen.’ 

The title track immediately displays a tiny instrumental taste of what the listener is in for: guitar driven, fast paced and pounding metal. Envenomed have established a predominent classic metal sound while also playing on thrash and groove metal elements.

‘Disobey the Beast’ has an effective, sinister and industrial feel to it, especially with those enticing vocals. Then we cue a signature guitar solo for the genre and a classic metal style tying it all together. ‘Mechanical Enemy’ spits out yet another infectious rhythm that flows throughout the entire album.

Contrastively, ‘Spirit Machine’ begins with slow melodic guitars, gaining momentum and building up to a good five minutes of riffs and solos underpinned by solid percussion. The guitar work is a focal point for the album and is executed pefectly.

Closing on the larger than life track, ‘Global Deception’, with Trivium-esque vocals, rapid guitars and power-chords, the track is metal in its intended form.

With a debut release like this, there is no doubt that Envenomed have the potential to be the next big thing coming out of Australia.


‘Evil Unseen’ proves to be a knock out debut release. With a press release promising ‘huge riffs, killer shred and massive vocals,’ the output matches the assertions. The inclusion of thrash, melodic and heavy metal creates something a little fresh and equally enjoyable.


1. Evil Unseen
2. Will Of Man
3. Spoils Of Victory
4. Burn The Sun
5. Falling
6. Within Me
7. Disobey The Beast
8. Mechanical Enemy
9. The Shadowland
10. Spirit Machine
11. Demonocracy
12. Global Deception

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