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The Hunting Party






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Return to the rock.


75 / 100

Linkin Park have decided to return to the hard rock style of their earlier material, shedding their electronic side on sixth album ‘The Hunting Party.’ The record is named as such; as the band claim they are the hunting party looking to search and destroy the weak rock bands of the current day. It should be noted at this point that Linkin Park‘s first tour for this album is with 30 Seconds To Mars. You know the old saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

Opening with the band sounding like their Transformer buddies on a vocal hook that explodes into a punk rock paced jam titled ‘Keys to the Kingdom’, the song seems like a natural kind of heavy the band hasn’t explored before. Not the faux-heavy of nu-metal but a real garage band sound with touches of groove in Mike Shinoda’s verse that offsets the backing guitar riff nicely.

The group request the services of Helmet’s Page Hamilton on ‘All For Nothing’, a cool move and a real rock legend to help with their rock crusade. But, Hamilton is given the LP makeover making him sound less like himself and more like the rest of the hunting party.

The guests come in hard and fast on the record with a Body Count like rap from Rakim on ‘Guilty All The Same’, and some more rock veterans along for the ride with System of a Down’s Daron Malakian and the mighty Tom Morello. Although the input that latter has on ‘Drawbar’, one of the mellowest tracks on the record, is unclear.

Closing with some more punk style blasts beats in the fast paced and energetic, ‘A Line In The Sand’, it takes a little while to build up and then explodes with chugging metal riffs and a marching style snare drum. This track once again has the organic rock feel that runs rampant throughout the record; it’s what nu-metal LP would sound like if this was their first album again in today’s world.

A special mention should also be given to the album’s artwork, a 3D design from the brilliant art of James Jean, which is simply stunning.


It is unclear whether or not Linkin Park have taught all those other rock bands out there today a lesson with ‘The Hunting Party,’ as was their aim, but they certainly have made a pretty solid rock record nevertheless.


1. Keys to the Kingdom
2. All for Nothing
3. Guilty All the Same
4. The Summoning
5. War
6. Wastelands
7. Until It’s Gone
8. Rebellion
9. Mark the Graves
10. Drawbar
11. Final Masquerade
12. A Line in the Sand

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