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Never Surrender





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A fun mixture of old school and new metal sounds.


90 / 100

Hailing from Sydney, Darker Half have managed to build themselves quite the reputation over the past few years. Having previously opened for Sabaton and Nightwish, the boys, infuse melodic and traditional metal to produce an album doesn’t disappoint.

‘Nemesis’ starts us off strong, with high, belting vocals and solid melodies. The guitar is showcased here. ‘Never Surrender’ follows the same loose structure, with a little more of a pounding intensity. Another great guitar solo and the uplifting lyrics make for a really catchy start to the record.

Never Surrender‘ has an all around traditional and old school metal feel to it but tracks like ‘Stranger’ manage to freshen things up with progressive elements. The organ fits ideally with the track, with dual-riffing giving the oveall template a structure and polish.

‘Lost in Space’
proves to be another track that pulls some inspiration from other areas of metal and manages to integrate them really well without straying too far off the path. It encompasses some subtle elements of melodic thrash and has a ferocity that adds that needed edge to the overwhelming old school sound.

Coming to a close with ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth,’ the full-length is an expansive excercise in delivery and influence. The metal blueprint is used wisely and the fondness of predecessors is clear. Everything works in balance and unison. There’s no longer a divide between local and international quality.


‘Never Surrender’ is overall a strong album. The vocal range excels, the guitar work is impressive and the effortless blending of metal influences makes for a catchy and equally fun album.


1. Nemesis
2. Never Surrender
3. End of the Line
4. Stranger
5. As Darkness Fades
6. Duality
7. Blinded by Darkness
8. Lost in Space
9. Heads Are Gonna Roll
10. Anthem for a Doomed Youth

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