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Isolate and Medicate


Caroline Australia




For Fans Of

Nirvana - Alice in Chains - Three Days Grace


A strong and well-written record that justifies Seether's position as an internationally loved band.


88 / 100

As soon as the opening bass riff of ‘See You at the Bottom’ wails through your speakers, you become well aware that ‘ Isolate and Medicate’ is going to be a classic Seether album in all its post-grunge glory.

The album holds a dense and heavy sound that resonates throughout its ten tracks. It’s post-grunge, so you should expect it’ll be mixing meaty and melancholic riffs with some of the best melodies and rock-grooves in the business; and it is just that.

Words as Weapons’, which serves as the lead single, is a great example of the song-writing ability of Seether. The verse hooks you right in with its instrumental depth and layering before its chorus slams the energy levels up and bounces along.

The album follows in much the same fashion, which can wear down a bit, yet if you love some big stadium rock and roll as much as you love your metal and grunge, you’ll fall for it instantly. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right?

On ‘Suffer It All’, the South-African trio brings out the big guns with an opening that you could easily see on the next Metallica record. Vocalist Shaun Morgan even busts out some intense screams and shouts before launching into the most radio-friendly, hooked filled chorus. This song shows almost all aspects of Seether in fine light. The juxtaposition of tremendously powerful riffs with these huge sing-a-long choruses is what makes this song such a stand out.

If ‘Suffer It All’ was the blood-thirsty anger of the record, then ‘Save Today’ is the emotional and harmonic beauty. It builds up from acoustic strumming to a huge ending that leaves its hooks and riffs firmly on the tip of your tongue. Although not so catchy per se, ‘ Save Today’ is a reminder that Seether are, and always will be, a mainstream band, despite their heavier tendencies.


This album will feel very familiar for older fans and rightly so. Seether haven’t altered much from their heavily influenced Alice in Chains and Nirvana song templates and although that ends up being a small downfall, ‘Isolate and Medicate’ is still a brilliant record with catchiness, power and energy rampant through its ten tracks.


1. See You at the Bottom 
2. Same Damn Life 
3. Words as Weapons 
4. My Disaster
5. Crash
6. Suffer It All 
7. Watch Me Drown 
8. Nobody Praying for Me 
9. Keep the Dogs at Bay
10. Save Today

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