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Life And Death


Resist Records/Cooking Vinyl




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Arguably the strongest thing Confession have ever delivered.


85 / 100

Confession have been raging through the local hardcore scene for almost eight years now. In that time though, they’ve never really been taken that seriously. Until now that is. Third album to date, ‘Life And Death‘ is easily their most accomplished, most confronting, as well as their biggest and best release thus far. Third time’s a charm.


From the swelling intro track, ‘Life‘ and the defiant, galloping mosh fest of ‘Still Breathing’, Confession come out guns blazing for full-length number three and they don’t stop until ‘Death‘ brings the album to a crashing close.


There are real and, dare we say, more "mature" themes here than on the their previous efforts. Themes ranging from battling cancer, death, loss, religion and parenthood. ‘March 23‘, for example, is a rather touching song about frontman Michael Crafter‘s daughter. The added string sections really provide an extra layer of atmosphere and emotion to an already emotive song. ‘Fuck Cancer‘, another powerful moment, is about a family battling cancer and the depression and uncertain rot that it can cast over someone. This is a song that has, and will continue, to resonate with a lot of people, just for its subject matter. This kind of real life connection is something that hasn’t quite been associated with the band’s music before. But now that it is there, it adds a potent fuel to the fire and the group’s music is all the stronger for it.


Like all good hardcore albums there’s plenty of guest appearances from other well known acts to be found on ‘Life And Death


Holy War‘, one of the standouts, features a very, very surprising appearance from Ahren Stringer. Seriously, you won’t know it’s him until his part is almost over. The song itself is a short, aggressive number about religion and people killing over differing belief systems. ‘Old Blood‘ on the other hand is a homage to the hardcore community, and Adrian Fitipaldes of Northlane backs it up as the "new blood"  with his signature vocal style. The almighty Karl Schubach (Misery Signals) shows up on ‘Fear‘ and his epic, crushing voice fits perfectly alongside Crafter’s. Finally, Joel Birch – also of The Amity Affliction – has a few short but sweet lines on ‘51-78‘. All of this only furthers the fact how respected and big this band is becoming year after year.


Musically, it’s still Confession, but this time each song has a purpose, and there’s no filler to be found. Oh, and learning from past experiences with Doyle Perez (that’s D At Sea folks) and keeping true to their word, there are no clean vocals on this album, so all the hardcore purists out there can spin kick for joy!


Even though the song structures, breakdowns, and Crafter’s vocal style remain pretty much unchanged, there is such a whole new level of inspiration, passion and life instilled in the band now. As a result these songs are some of the band’s best. So yes, this is still the good ol’ Confession you know, except they’re just better than ever now.


1. Life

2. Still Breathing

3. Holy War

4. Hollow

5. Fuck Cancer

6. March 23

7. Old Blood

8. 51-73

9. Fear

10. The Forgotten

11. Death

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