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Time passes, things mature.


78 / 100

Considering the fact that two of the band members have been busy with a little band called Tigers Jaw, Three Man Cannon can be excused for the four-year gap in between full-lengths. ‘Pretty Many People’ is their return to focus, with some slight tweaks and refinements to the style. In a way it is maturity, but it could also be boredom?

Opening track ‘Simple, Your Room’ is a glittery, mellow affair that slowly builds into a sound reminiscent of early-2000’s alternative/emo rock. The guitars are the main focus, either as driving power or intertwining prettiness, with the vocals offering broken melodies along the way.

Follower, ‘Moving onto Martha St.’ shifts the use of melody into the spotlight, with gang vocal chorus chants and bright chords the track is a true highlight, feel good music with a hint of nostalgia. The underlying theme of the record is quite a sad one, relaxed and gentle but ultimately miserable as it focuses on the troubles in relationships and breakdowns in communication. Like on ‘Side By Side’, with the lovelorn lyrics supported by minor chords and low fuzz tones, creating an air of depression sometimes picked up by an explosion of joy.

This roller-coaster ride of emotions is probably the main reason why this album is the band’s most accomplished and well thought out work to date.

There is enough variance in the music to keep things interesting the whole way through, like the one-two step beat of ‘Bleed’ that breaks up the swaying verse lines, or the guitar lines in ‘Patiently’, which speak more than the vocals throughout the track. The album ends with some fine harmony work in ‘Baby’ and some slow travelling indie rock with ‘Window’.


Three Man Cannon have taken their time and garnered enough experiences along the way to make ‘Pretty Many People’ a solid addition to their catalogue, which should become a surprising favourite for fans of the band.


1. Simple, Your Room
2. Moving onto Martha St.
3. Something I Found
4. To Sleep
5. Side By Side
6. Patiently
7. Laguzzi Smokes
8. Bleed
9. DC Funeral
10. Baby
11. Window

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