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The Perfect Cult


Nuclear Blast



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An entrancing spiral into darkness.


85 / 100

It has been five years since Deathstars’ last album, ‘Night Electric Night,’ and like the typical timeframe goes, the longer the wait, the greater the expectation from fans. Enter ‘The Perfect Cult.’

If you were worried about Deathstars losing or changing their sound with the departure of Bone W. Machine and Cat Casino in between releases, fear not as these concerns are quickly removed. As soon as the full-length starts, the listener is blasted with classic Deathstars sounds. The first half is lighter, ‘Explode’ oozes with synths while ‘Fire Galore’ creates a slight sense of urgency and relies on a more melodic keyboard sound.

‘The Perfect Cult’ takes a turn with a darker atmosphere. It is full and powerful with the chorus stepping up the game for the guitar work. Whiplasher’s vocals are dominant and capture the essence of the release.

‘Asphalt Wings’ takes it one step further down the rabbit hole through the agency of a creepy introduction and it’s built around equally sinister sounds. The whispering vocals add to the prevailing darkness of the song, it’s creepy, evil and genius. ‘The Perfect Cult‘ continues to spiral down this dark, warped road until we meet end track, ‘Noise Cuts,’ which brings you up out of the hole before it’s too late.

‘The Perfect Cult’ is nothing innovative in the world of gothic and industrial music but that doesn’t prevent it from being a really enjoyable record. Deathstars have created a formula that works for them and ‘The Perfect Cult‘ proves that.


‘The Perfect Cult’ is an album that captures attention. Starting off with some lighter tracks and quickly pulling you down into the darkness, it’s direction is precise. While, in many respects, it may be a classic gothic/industrial blueprint, the atmosphere takes you down the darkest depths without any protest. 


1. Explode
2. Fire Galore
3. All The Devil’s Toys
4. Ghost Reviver
5. The Perfect Cult
6. Asphalt Wings
7. Bodies
8. Temple Of The Insects
9. Track, Crush & Prevail
10. Noise Cuts

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