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Rotten Society


Rise Records




For Fans Of

Drowning Pool - Issues


New nu-metal for those who requested it.


45 / 100

Cursed Sails have taken a dark path with their debut album. Essentially, the band, which features past members of Issues and Woe, Is Me, have taken some cues from their past employers but gloomed it all up.

The record begins with the blistering ‘Dead Daze’, a song that has some decent points, the downtrodden riffs and building structure that attacks at surprising times, however it is brought down by the cliché electronic stutters and Drowning Pool-like vocal style. At times it heads into the stupid ‘Down With the Sickness’ territory.

The band decide not to change up the pace, or the tones, or the style, at all in the opening moments, ‘Like A Chemical’ could nearly be tacked on to the end of the opening track without anyone really noticing. ‘21′ seems like a stand-out, the gang vocals are catchy and the stomping beat seems like a heavier Beastie Boys punk moment that works well against the devilish riffs. The band opens it up for some fun and it comes across well in this track.

A couple of real down-points have been lumped together though. ‘Amazing Grace’ attempts to soar like an Underoath track in its chorus but lacks enough character to do so. While, ‘The Great Gold Rush’, some kind of toned down, emotional electronic ballad simply sucks. Screaming in a soft song simply doesn’t work, and the group’s attempt to get serious with the clean vocals is tacky at best.

Ending with some nods to Rob Zombie and nu-metal in ‘With Malice, Pt. 2′ and its literal twin ‘Smart A’s’, it is once again copy and paste.

Rotten Society‘ is tiring, the opening track is really just repeated nine times with a shitty ballad break in the middle. The music is uninspired and boring with the few heavier moments in which the group shine used too many times over to save the record.


This record will have trouble standing out from the pack, the only point of difference is the group’s attempt to bring nu-metal back for some reason. If Cursed Sails wish to leave a mark, they will need a little bit of deviation as ‘Rotten Society’ is tough to get all the way through.


1. Dead Daze
2. Thunderbird
3. Like A Chemical
4. Gasoline
5. 21
6. Amazing Grace
7. The Great Gold Rush
8. Chrnobyl
9. With Malice, Pt. 2
10. Smart A’s

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