Sylar – To Whom It May Concern



To Whom It May Concern


Razor & Tie / Shock



For Fans Of

One Year later - Tear Out The Heart


Experimental done right.


80 / 100

Over the last year Sylar have moved from a small, unknown New York nu metal/hardcore influenced band to being signed to Razor & Tie and spreading their wings internationally. Now they release debut album on the label, ‘To Whom It May Concern,’ which is aptly described as “a metallic hardcore onslaught that pulsates with electro flourishes and the kinds of breakdowns that will have pit dwellers foaming at the mouth.”

Starting off with the short title track, all it includes are samples with a robotic voice before launching into ‘Prescription Medication’, which offers solid vocals that feel genuinely emotional, again makeing use of that aforementioned robotic voice, which adds something a little unique. These two tracks set up what you can expect from the rest of the full-length: electro synths, some experimental instrumentals and a definite hardcore influence.

Two-Timer’ proves to be one of the heavier tracks on the album with prominent guitar riffs showcased and that nu metal influence showing its dominance. The clean vocals provide an experimental experience but they don’t seem to work as well as the raw screams do. ‘Live-Breathe’ is a better example of where these clean vocals complement the song. The samples and the effortless blending of vocal styles shows off Sylar’s skills.

Contrastively, ‘Substance’ is a song that manages to fall a little short. This track resonates as a little more generic than the rest of the experimental ideas on the album. The samples aren’t particularly memorable.

There are a few misses on ‘To Whom It May Concern‘ but the hits far outweigh them. Sylar have created something new, fun and experimental and, for the most part, it has managed to work well for them.


‘To Whom It May Concern’ manages to combine nu metal and metalcore in an experimental way to create something really interesting. The album has some faults here and there but overall Sylar have done a great job with solid vocals and guitar work mixed with well-placed and suitable samples.


1. To Whom It May Concern
2. Prescription Meditation
3. Mirrors
6. Interlude I
7.Golden Retreat
8.Spitting Image
9. Interlude II
10. Never Let It Go
11. Substance (Ft. Doriano Magliano)
12. Yours Truly

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