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One of Australia's brightest progressive metalcore exports.


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Adelaide’s Jack The Giant Killer are finally back on the scene with a brand spanking new EP. The follow up to 2011’s ‘The Drowning King‘, ‘Alight‘ is a big step in the right direction for the five-piece. It shows the band in a tighter,  heavier, and more cohesive light.

It’s the little things that really help to elevate the group from being just another local act to having the potential to be a national player. For example, the absolutely menacingly sounding growls that show up from time to time can rival that of CJ of Thy Art Is Murder, and the huge drop in ‘Moths and Memories‘ could challenge any other Sumerian or Mediaskare band going these days. Furthermore, ‘Fear and Ruin‘, which has a prominent bass driven bounce to it, has a nice little guest appearance from Jake Taylor of Byron Bay’s In Hearts Wake (listen really carefully around the two minute mark).


Breakdowns have a common presence, but they’re always done in just the right fashion and ‘Wolves and Martyrs‘ is an ideal example of how to do breakdowns correctly. Like a lot of other bands lately, the guitars have pretty of similar tones throughout the EP, but they are also the most metal aspect of the JTGK‘s sound, and do occasional take influence from more djent inspired playing (something that probably won’t ever leave the scene for a very long time). However, one aspect of the guitars that sort of goes against the grain of most bands these days is the use of higher pitched leads and notes – seen in ‘Tired and Dark’ – since most outfits go for the more bowel movement inducing, chest rumbling chords and chuggs.


The first half of this EP is decent, but it’s the last two songs where the band definitely stands up and kick your arse into gear. ‘Moths and Memories‘ and ‘Alone and Light‘ are the most diverse, the most creative, and the most virtuosic the group has ever been. Both have eerily beautiful interlude sections, that then both rip through the heaviest and the most "melodic" parts of the EP with soaring clean vocals, some truly brutal breakdowns and riffs and a little spoken word. These contrasts work so well that it’s hard to find a problem with these two songs. The clean guitars and the more dynamic drumming and timbres just add a beautiful and very welcomed progressive layer to JTGK‘s already powerful sound. Hopefully this kind of sound continues to be incorporated in their future releases.


This new five track release probably won’t set the local Australian heavy music scene on fire, but it is another great release for the band. The second half is easily the strongest part of ‘Alight’, and it shows Jack The Giant Killer at their most creative, and thus, at their best. Hopefully their next release will showcase more material like ‘Moths and Memories’ and ‘Alone and Lost’. If that’s then the case. we’ll really have something special on our hands.


1. Tired and Dark

2. Fear and Ruin

3. Wolves and Martyrs

4. Moths and Memories

5. Alone and Lost

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