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Don't Wait Up


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Bane's final farewell.


80 / 100

Bane have spent almost two full decades producing some excellent hardcore music and taking it around the world. However, earlier this year the band announced they would be calling it quits at the end of the year. ‘Don’t Wait Up’ is (at least in terms of recorded material) the band’s farewell note, or final salute if you will. This means that for both fans of the group and the band themselves, there is a lot riding on this record.

Knowing that it’s their last offering, Bane have gone all out to produce a final effort to be proud of delivering. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table – but it doesn’t matter, because what’s at the table already is pretty damn great. You get the idea that the band isn’t so much writing to please a ‘new generation’ or expand their fanbase, or really, putting out a record that is written for anyone aside from the people who are already following the band, and in that regard, it serves as a very fitting goodbye.

The groups kick the record off hard, with chugging guitars and powerful drums that you can expect from them, holding up through the first two tracks, ‘Non-Negotiable’ and ‘All The Way Through’ before bringing things down very briefly in ‘Calling Hours’, which is one of the best tracks on ‘Don’t Wait Up‘. Built around some well thought out texture changes, the song features some huge riffs and gang vocals while vocalist Aaron Bedard takes to the mic with incredible levels of passion and vigour.

For the most part, the album reflects lyrically on the ups and downs of having been in a band so long. One track, however, stands out lyrically in a big way. ‘Wrong Planet’ sees Bedard recalling the horrifying memories of child abuse, while also pushing the positive impact that music had on getting him to a better place.


Closing the album is the appropriately titled ‘Final Backward Glance’, in which we hear Bedard finish the album by repeating the line “I’ve never been much good at saying goodbye!”. Regardless of that idea, this album is the perfect farewell Bane could give, and is an excellent celebration of their illustrious career.


All The Way Through
Calling Hours
Park St.
What Awaits Us Now
Hard To Find
Lost At Sea
Post Hoc
Wrong Planet
Final Backward Glance

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