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Arsenic Idols


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Internal Harvest - Sanguinary Misanthropia


An enjoyably bleak and disturbing work.


65 / 100

Adamus Exul have been rattling around the black metal scene since 2008 with what they describe as “a unique brand of black metal that comprises of vehement rhythmic passages combined with dominant yet energising lead pieces.” With a new line-up this time around, including new vocalist Devalsne (Internal Harvest), they bring us their latest work, ‘Arsenic Idols,’ a purely cynical and bleak comment on society.

With a little two minute introductory track we are straight away thrown into the pits of dreary gloom that is to resonate throughout the record. The feedback of the bass and the deep power of those vocals creates a disturbing atmosphere, which seems to be what Adamus Exul strive to achieve with the album described as “a misanthropic hymn for the suffering & forgotten.”

The full-length picks up as we move on with a faster paced black metal sound. Pummelling guitars and an onslaught of barbaric vocals meet us with the title track. If you were coming here looking for intensity you have come to the right place. The instrumentals are powerful and potent but the deep growling vocal style is the cherry on top to creating this dark and terrifying experience.

‘Isolation Wounds,’ proves to be the album’s most interesting and memorable track with its hauntingly morbid introduction before the listener is moved into a song laced with some forbidding fiddle work. Continuing through ‘Arsenic Idols‘ it is delectable in a completely twisted way. However, the record’s only downfall is the lack of distinction between a lot of the songs. While there are some great tracks on here and any black metal fan would be in heaven, most of the songs lack a sense of uniqueness from one another.

The album is strong and very aesthetically pleasing, Adamus Exul have great potential but there is still room for improvement.


‘Arsenic Idols’ is a dark and threatening album. Its visual front gives it real power; making it quite enjoyable in a messed up way. Adamus Exul have managed to create a strong work however the songs provide little distinction from one another, showing areas to work on in the future. 


1. Discordant Rebirth
2. Arsenic Idols
3. Veins Ov Drought
4. The Devastation Archives
5. Redux: The Seperatist Movement
6. Isolation Wounds (Absolution Obsolete)
7. Artistic Extinction: Innovation Via Destruction 

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