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Forceful and punishing.


75 / 100

Do not leave the room after pressing play. That’s the only disclaimer you need. With only two of the ten residing tracks clocking in at over a minute (just barely too!) ‘Gutless‘ is a short affair. Thankfully, the enjoyment is longer lasting than the record length itself.

There’s no fluff, no drawn out musical rhetoric and certainly no generic sensibilities. The debut album from locals Caged Grave is gritty, heavy and unapologetic.

The beat-down hardcore meets metal influenced approach is worn strongly here. Each track is dripping with an equal sense of attitude and menace. Much like Nails simply don’t give a f***, Caged Grave present their own form of power violence.

From ‘Line Them Up’ to closer (and Left For Dead cover) ‘Didn’t I?’, the four-piece deliver short, sharp and concise music. With members previously comprising the likes of Reincarnation, Bear Witness, 4Dead & In Name and Blood, the experience is already present. There are no growing pains to this sound.

Parasite’ is the first standout, while transitioning (and title) track ‘Gutless’ is assertive. There’s not much in the way of variety, but there doesn’t need to be for this full-length to succeed.

Essentially, it’s an easy introduction for Caged Grave. The current Ringworm support slot will only create further interest. Listeners bored of the over saturation of up and coming metalcore bands or perhaps just maturing in preference will find an album to embrace.

It’s rough around the edges and not entirely without fault, but for a record named and based around a concept that suggests otherwise, this is quite determined in delivery.


What you see is what you get. ‘Gutless’ is a clear blueprint on how to make something that is brutal but with substance. The harder Caged Grave goes, the better it gets.


1. Line Them Up
2. Bleed Me Dry
3. Parasite
4. Gutless
5. Nothing
6. Wretched Slumber
7. Body Bag
8. Commited To Sin
9. Outlive
10. Didn’t I? (cover)

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