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Jeffree Star


Complete EDM proved not to be the best choice for this album.


25 / 100

Breathe Carolina have always been that band you either really love or hate. The latter most likely prevailing. Now with the departure of screamer, Kyle Even, the group has decided to move away from their rock influences and play on their electronic sounds. What we are left with is Savages’, the first full length album, which is predominantly EDM sounds.

Starting off with ‘Bury Me’, an upbeat electronic track, almost similar to some old school Jeffree Star, It isn’t bad but the drawn out introduction sets you up for something epic, which just doesn’t come. This unfortunately tends to be the case for multiple songs on the album. However, can an album with already such exceedingly low expectations still disappoint? 

‘Sellouts’, which features Danny Worsnop is pretty much the only track that still holds Breathe Carolina‘s old rock influences. The inclusion of some heavier guitars and the screaming of Worsnop makes for a more enjoyable track for those who loved the previous, heavier sounds of Breathe Carolina.

Savages‘ is a safe place for EDM lovers. However, there’s no excusing the blueprint, approach and overall execution is symptomatic of a band that, while colourful in personality, is bland and boring on record. Tracks such as ‘Shadows’ would do well for a dance party, but again if you are looking for anything remotely rock inspired you won’t find it here. Most of the tracks unfortunately follow the same structure with overdone synths and similar sounds.

Breathe Carolina have made do with what they had to work with. Moving away from their rock influences maybe wasn’t the best move. ‘Savages’ has a few songs, which are remotely interesting but unfortunately the album is overall lacklustre and doesn’t provide anything inventive. Another big swing and a miss from a band that has rarely made any contact in the past.


‘Savages’ shows Breathe Carolina’s departure from the rock scene and unforunately this time it hasn’t really worked for them. Nothing to write home about here. It pretty much confirms what we already suspected of the band. Moving on…


1. Bury Me
2. Bang It Out (Feat. Karmin)
3. Sellouts (Feat. Danny Worsnop)
4. Shots Fired
5. Collide
6. Please Don’t Stay
7. Shadows
8. Savages
9. Chasing Hearts (Feat. Tyler Carter)
10. I Don’t Know What I’m Doing
11. Mistakes

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