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Suspension of Consciousness


Siege of Amida




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An elaborately brutal record that makes for an indulgent listen.


72 / 100

Brutality Will Prevail have, by definition, released a clean-cut kind of record. While Suspension of Consciousness may ruffle a few feathers, namely fans of the band’s well-known DIY ethic, listeners should not be so quick to discount the enormous amount of devotion required to produce a record as intricate and emotionally wrought as SOC, regardless of how the production polishes the final product. The band has not done their fame an injustice on this record, despite a slight shift in sound, and for already established fans of the group, this record shouldn’t be one to pass up too quickly. For newcomers, BWF‘s newest release is a good place to get a foot in the metal/hardcore door.

Delierium‘, and later, ‘Celaphis,’ are typically ‘spacy,’ sci-fi sounding interludes, typical for an album like this one, and are fine example of where the band has an impressive comand of their instruments, and a good idea of their sound. For anyone unfamiliar with Brutiality Will Prevail, Tower of Silence is a neat and tidy introduction of their incessantly chugging, vaguely disorienting brand of melodic hardcore. The vocals are as clean as scream vocals are ever going to get on a record on this, ensuring that you don’t miss hearing lyrical gems like ‘All I want is to love myself.’

Running along similar lines is ‘Abandon,’ which is hefty and full bodied as Brutality Will Prevail aims to be. The breakdowns, although predictable at points, are top notch and minimal enough that the record isn’t saturated in quick fills and gimic. The progression from dirty to clean is without doubt suiting the band well. On tracks like ‘Pray For Cleansing‘ and ‘Escapist‘ the instrumental layers and textures in the guitar and percussion work are arguably better appreciated. Not only this, but the vocal delivery takes on a whole new meaning amongst the spacious riffs and chugs.

Suspension Of Consciousness delivers the occasional unforgettable gem, and the one that stands out as a hallmark of their improvement is the modest hardcore punk number, ‘Burden Of Love.’ Followed, is the title track, which should reassure fans that BWP are where it matters, still the same band, just with some added, arguably necessary bells on top.


Brutality Will Prevail aren’t going to turn any significant number of heads with this record, however in the niche genre of which they dwell, Suspension of Consciousness, with its intricate instrumentals and imaginative atmosphere, deserves to have its glory lap around the field.


1. Delirium 
2. Tower Of Silence 
3. Abandon 
4. Martyr-Anxiety
5. Pray For Cleansing 
6. Ritual 
7. Escapist 
8. Celephais 
9. Back To The Earth 
10. Burden Of Love 
11. La Mascara Mortuoria 
12. Suspension Of Consciousness 

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