Eye of the Enemy – The Vengeance Paradox


The Vengeance Paradox


Rockstar Records




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An indifferent album that lacks originality.


40 / 100

Eye of the Enemy have grown a steady fan base since their first demo in 2006. It is a standing that has netted key supports to established acts such as Cradle of Filth and Amon Amarth. With a predecessor in the bag – ‘Weight Of Redemption – which showed potential, the prevailing question with new record ‘The Vengeance Paradox’ is whether this promise has continued?

Starting off with a one and a half minute intro, It’s a bit of a weak introduction. Nothing jumps out at you, grabs you by the horns and makes you want to listen.

When we reach ‘The Oath,’ we are getting there. The guitar work is of a somewhat higher standard and it’s easy to feel the pulse. Some of the heavier vocals are enjoyable and the drumming slips in nicely but it ultimately it falls short of bringing anything knew to the table.

The subsequent songs are all of similar taste. They are heavy and not porr, but still lack a sense of betterment or progress. Unfortunately there are very few meaty moments on the record.

‘The Shift’ is a standout though, with a slow, acoustic introduction. It offers a much needed breather from the constant pummelling, stock standard metal. The guitar riffs are rather entertaining and this track is something that could be found on a much loved, international band’s album.

Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t a terrible album that you cringe at or want to shut off straight away. All the talent and sounds are there to comprise a respectable album but Eye of the Enemy seem to fall short with the execution. After around seven/eight years of being a band how many times can you say ‘it has potential’?


‘The Vengeance Paradox’ is a pretty stock standard metal album. It isn’t bad, maybe you’ll even enjoy it but it is nothing to blow you away. There is potential within this album but Eye of the Enemy have failed to try and make something unique for themselves.


1. The Vision
2. The Oath
3. The March
4. The Deed
5. The Shift
6. The Calm
7. The Panic
8. The Justification
9. The Irony
10. The Regret

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