Aveira Skies – The Rise of a New Breed



The Rise of a New Breed


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A stellar debut with an abundance of power, although at times repetitive.


87 / 100

We have said this plenty of times over: the local metalcore scene is cluttered with band upon band. It’s cluttered like the veins of an energy drink addict who has more blood clots then you can count. It’s cluttered like someone’s house on an episode of Hoarders.


These bands are all pretty much carbon copies of one another. Slick, side-fringe hair, skinny jeans and black hoodies are the attire while they crab themselves around the stage. Their breakdowns are repetitive, their riffs lack all originality and the vocals are almost always the exact same as the band next to them. So what makes Aveira Skies any different? Well, for starters they’re actually pretty fucking good!


The Rise of a New Breed‘ is without a doubt one of the best albums to come out of the Aussie metalcore scene this year so far. From ‘Metanoia‘, the relentlessly heavy and outright beast of a song, to the blistering fast and oddly melodic, ‘Sophrosyne‘, this debut is a sheer force.


The guitar work here is pretty standard but it’s a situation where if the group were off doing all out crazy things all the time it would feel like a muddy sandpit. They get the job done very well whether that’s supplying a bit of background melody for an uplifting chorus or accentuating the sheer brutality of the album’s breakdowns.


Layered over these breakdowns and guitar riffs are punishing vocals of Haydn Wood. The raspy and coarse style is a perfect fit for the crushing sound portrayed here.


However, the best part of the full-length goes to the drums. Holy fucking shit! For starters, the drum-tones are just about perfect. No matter what else is going on around these sonic beauties, it stands out and shines. The playing is tighter then tupperware, slowing down and speeding up with bullseye precision.


Like all albums though, there is a let down and that sadly comes is the fact that this still a slightly repetitive record. It’s a common trait in bands such as this but what makes it less of a criticism and more of a disappointment is that they are repeating what is already good, meaty and powerful material.  


‘The Rise of a New Breed’ is a standout for debut for local boys Aveira Skies. It’s heavy with hints of melody at all the right times. Averia Skies show playing and song-writing well beyond their years with this release, something other local bands should be scared of in this competitive world. They prove that handwork really does pays off and for that they need to be rewarded. But it sadly cannot be ignored that there is repetition to be found on ‘The Rise of a New Breed’.


  1. The Rise
  2. Metanoia
  3. Mind Maps
  4. Privatisation
  5. A New Breed
  6. Sophrosyne
  7. Through the Ages
  8. Lethe
  9. Forgotten
  10. Push Forward

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