Dead In A Second – The Double Tribilo


The Double Tribilo


Possum Records



For Fans Of

The Butterfly Effect - Limo Bizkit - Linkin Park


A safe, above-average rock album.


75 / 100

Originally featuring just former Thousand Needles In Red guitarist, Tristan ‘Trizo’ Bouillaut, (who performed all of the instrumentation on this album with additional bass being played by Justin Byatt) Dead In A Second‘s new six track release, ‘The Double Tribilo‘, is surprisingly good. The band’s combine the old school, heavier sounds of Limp Bizkit and Deftones with the catchy accessibility that Behind Crimson Eyes had and the strong melodic lines of Dead Letter Circus.


Chrysalis‘ and the street wise, head-bobbing ‘Reputation‘ get the ball rolling pretty smoothly. The former is a pretty simple rock song, with its balanced vocal hooks, and the use of the screams and nu-metal drumming adding an edge to it that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. The inclusion of turntables really back up the nu-metal sound. However, you wouldn’t necessarily classify these guys under that genre. The latter comes off like a crossover track between Limp Bizkit  and The Butterfly Effect with its bouncy verses, faster, heavier drumming and a more emphasis on the screams.


Compute The Mind‘ is a political based song, making frequent use of a lengthy political speech for a vocal sample to reinforce its socially conscious theme. This is also where the band inject a bit of hip-hop to their sound with the intro and first verses pumping out plenty of groove. ‘Oceans of Mind‘ is the softer and more dynamic, ‘swing your hands back and forth’ song off this release. It has an incredibly aesthetically appealing sound to it, and is one lovely tune in general. The piano chords underpinning the mezzo forte guitar riffs and guitar solo work really well. The drums (which have been EQ’d substantially), despite being rather low in the mix, this actually works for the song, rather than being an odd mixing inconsistency.


Hello Goodbye (H2G)‘ and album closer, a remix of ‘Streetlight’, do a good job of ending the proceeding. The former has some razor sharps riffs and harmonics going on it, it’s also one of the more radio friendly songs off the bunch. Expect this to be a single or have a music video released for it one day.  Even though the last track is a remixed version, it is a little gem with some insanely eerie, yet chilled out vibes running through it. Not everyone will like it, but it’s easily the best song off ‘The Double Tribilo‘ oddly enough.


Rick Hammond‘s vocals, mainly his screams are raw and a little understated at times, but they never feel over mixed, which is a good thing. In fact, the vocals give help to this album a very early 2000’s vibe with their style. The same applies for the accompanying instrumentation, which is all very tight. The best way to describe this kind of sound would be to think of ‘The Double Tribilo‘ as a mixture of Deftones‘s self-titled 2003 album with Linkin Park‘s sophomore album, ‘Meteora‘ (the album that has ‘Numb‘ and ‘Faint‘ on it). That’s something a lot of bands don’t go for these days, especially in the Australian music scene, so these guys will thankfully fill that gap.


‘The Double Tribilo’ is a relatively safe, but fun mini-album. It doesn’t overstay its welcome and it shows off the various musical elements of the band to effortlessly and many a listener will walk away from this album feeling very content. Keep an eye on these blokes.  




Compute The Line

Oceans of Mind

Hello Goodbye (HG2)

Streetlight Remix

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