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An album that shows potential but is not quite there yet.


45 / 100

It has been four years since French death metallers Colossus’ last work, ‘Fragments,’ and now they bring us their debut full length work ‘Lobotocracy.’ While bearing a striking album art work and a solid overall aesthetic, is the very disturbing and post apocalyptic themes, enough to draw you in and get keep you interested in the music itself?

Already, you know what to expect with a Colossus album and that is a brutal onslaught of pounding death metal,. While it can be enjoyable, a level of technicality is needed to really entice the listener. Colossus have managed to achieve a standard amount of technicality in their songs, but most of the tracks presented are quite stock standard death metal.

Starting off straight to the point with ‘The Combustion Point’ we are thrown straight into the pounding guitars with a husky, intense growl to match. It’s enough to make you head bang, but it does fall short with nothing about it that really stands out to set the band apart from all the hundreds of other death metal acts out there.

There are a few songs which try to bring in some other influences, with tracks such as ‘The Path Of Retaliation’, which incorporates some melodic elements, while ‘We Are The Ones Called Devils’ has a more metalcore tone. Unfortunately, these glimpses of musical difference are not enough to really propel the full-length to a higher standard.

While ‘Lobotocracy’ is in no way a bad or unbearable listen, it doesn’t manage to shine either. It is pleasant and might appeal to some deathcore and death metal fans but when we consider Colosuss have had four years to improve and hone in on their musical talents, the album ultimately falls a little short.


‘Lobotocracy’ is an album which falls short of the mark. It isn’t bad and most metalheads should make it through the whole 40 minutes. However, it doesn’t do anything to jump out and scream at you either. Colossus show potential but they are still yet to make it to metal’s promise land.


1. The Combustion Point
2. Evilution Failure
3. The Beyond Chronicles
4. The Path of Retaliation
5. We Are the Ones Called Devils
6. Uninvited Quest
7. Endless Torments
8. Worst Clone Award
9. Hellsurrection (Part I)
10. Hellsurrection (Part II)
11. Seize My Final Breath

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