Abandoned By Bears – When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left!


When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left!





For Fans Of

Chunk! No Captain Chunk - Four Year Strong - A Day to Remember


Heavy, catchy and just simply fucking cool!


88 / 100

When you come from a country (Sweden) where every second person is either a DJ or a black metal artist, going into the (and curse us for using the term) easycore game is going to be a bit strained and hard to break through. Unless of course you’re Abandoned By Bears. The Swedish pop-mosh (I just cringed myself) outfit have been drip feeding the western world with singles and demos for a while now, so it’s pretty darn exciting that we can now sink our teeth into a fully produced, fully-fleshed out EP.


If you aren’t sure what easycore or pop-mosh is, as far as history lessons go, this one will be short. A Day To Remember added breakdowns and screams into the pop-punk base of their music. Instantly, people jumped at this idea and out came what is undeniably the most posi, high-five worthy and catchy song ever: ‘In Friends We Trust‘ by Frenchies Chunk! No Captain Chunk. Long story short, everyone loved it and now fifty-billion bands are ripping on the sound. Abandoned by Bears are essentially one of those bands but for some weird reason that myself or you will never put your finger on; it feels different and it feels great.


From beginning to end, ‘When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left!" is a powerhouse of hooks, melodies and breakdowns. It’s physically difficult to not smile and pump your fist to every gang vocal or breakdown or sing along to the damn-right infectious choruses.


It’s also difficult to actually call this band generic. They definitely have aspects from A LOT of bands but these Swedish boys seem to have injected their own charm and passion into every bar here. Oh and there is that nifty synth in the background that actually works in fantastically to the songs rather than bring them down.


Abandoned by Bears‘ lyrics are…kind of poor. It’s pretty much a collection of ‘Fuck You’ songs about exes and naysayers. Now this is the EP’s greatest downfall. Although irrefutably catchy and heavy at all the right times, the lyrics are sadly just carbon copies of nearly every other band in this genre description. So don’t come here expecting to have your life changed or be motivated to save the whales. But if you’re pissed off at that slut of an ex-girlfriend or that dude on the internet who said some mean things, this will suit you perfectly.


Undeniably catchy, irrefutably passionate and just all out awesome, ‘When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left!’ is a release that will give Abandoned By Bears the much needed attention they deserve. Although it has its flaws at times, it makes up for it in the fact that you will never have these songs out of your head. When you close your eyes at night all you’ll hear is breakdowns, pop melodies and synth. Isn’t that the perfect way to fall to sleep? Put even more simply, this band is fantastic. And if you don’t think so, then you are not fantastic.



  1. Homegrown 
  2. Bomberman Vs.Mega Man
  3. Heads or Tails
  4. Tiebreaker
  5. Hazard Pay
  6. Empty Bottles & Lost Battles
  7. Counting Consequences 

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  1. arminwasamonster

    i bet millencolin are proud that there is some good Swedish pop punk instead of it being known as a country of black metal and techno

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