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Unbridled punk madness.


80 / 100

régresser‘s new EP, eloquently titled ‘.1’, is a gritty, chaotic display of noise punk madness. The amount of ideas crammed into this little six-track release is staggering, as the music frequently changes pace and dynamic. Rest assured, there’s hardly a dull moment to be found here.

Musically, this record is no mean feat. The band’s use of texture is superb and the level of technicality is equally impressive. In terms of riffs and instrumentation, it draws comparisons to the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan, with frantic playing that never strays too far into being over the top. There’s rarely a chance to get comfortable as the music surges forward relentlessly, keeping the listener constantly on edge as the band plows through riffs like it’s nobody’s business.

A band this talented needs a powerful frontman to match, and in this regard régresser delivers as well. The vocalist’s style and execution is easily likened (at times) to Jordan Dreyer of La Dispute fame, but overall he’s much more aggressive and it suits the music very well.

The mixing and mastering has been handled brilliantly. Amidst all the madness every instrument still sounds perfectly clear. The vocals sit back in the mix ever so slightly; not quite leading the frenzy but rather acting as another layer to the musical chaos. That’s not to say that they’re ever drowned out though.

If you’re in the market for some dirty, ballsy hardcore punk then régresser‘s ‘.1’ is a nice bite-sized offering. Clocking in at just over 15 minutes, it’s not the lengthiest release but there’s so much content packed into it that you won’t even care.


régresser has drawn inspiration from some heavy-hitting bands to produce a solid and confronting record that packs a serious punch. You can probably expect to hear lots of big things from this band in the near future. At least, we certainly hope so.


1. A Gold Crown
2. A Black Cloud
3. A Knot in Your Back
4. A Question
5. A Statement
6. A Forum

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