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Heavy Head


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What starts off as half-arsed ends up full-arsed and fully captivating.


90 / 100

On the surface, Elder Brother seem like one of those cheap knock off, indie/new wave emo bands that seem to be popping up like weeds. For the first five or so songs on ‘Heavy Head‘ they feel just like that. But, push through the weeds and pretty soon, you’ll find a beautiful wildflower hidden behind the disposable leaves filled with gorgeous petals and really nice guitar melodies.  


As said, the first part of Elder Brother’s debut is a pretty average sextet of songs. They’re okay but at the end they don’t feel that well formulated. It’s a bit bland and they don’t really seem to be hitting the mark. Gathered however they make up the more rockier, harder tracks on the record, which might be saying something about the band’s rock ability.


However, as soon as you get to the title track, ‘Heavy Head‘ you’ll get to the wildflower. The stripped back, melodic and lyrically powerful ballad feels right at home not only with us the listeners, but with the band. You feel far more connected to the words and songs themselves and when this kind of music is being crafted, that’s one of the focal and drawing points.


Other songs like ‘Who’s Gonna Carry You Home‘ and ‘Really Free‘ feel so well crafted that you can’t help just fall endlessly in love with them. The first being a soft acoustic ballad and the latter having a swing and more upbeat tone, they really work together and capture what this group (at this point in the career) seems to be about.


The ender of ‘Sunday Morning‘ is another straight acoustic song but you aren’t bored of that song idea. It seems to sum up the album in a way no other songs ever could.


Although it seems likely to give this record about a half score due to half of the songs being good, the other average, that’s not the case. When Elder Brother hit that sweet spot and get this indie/emo sound just right, it’s something that makes you just fall in love with the songs and everything around you. They remind you of all you love in this life and although that seems overly introspective, just listen to the album. Then and only then will you get just what that statement means.


1. Pennsylvania

2. Throw Me To The Wolves

3. Webs

4. Any Sort Of Plan

5. Lightning Bug

6. A Slow, Comfortable Deep Breath

7. Heavy Head

8. Who’s Gonna Carry You Home_

9. Really Free

10. In My Bones

11. Sunday Mornings

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