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The Power Of Three


Metal Blade Records



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A great album with an equally great emphasis on guitar work.


85 / 100

Monte Pittman is a guitarist who may be best known as the guitarist for Madonna’s live work. You might be thinking ‘woah hold up, Madonna?’ but don’t let that put you off. In 2012 Pittman released ‘The Power Of Three’ Part 1, which was an album of acoustic tracks and now we are at Part 2 of the 3 part series. With this absolute ripper of an album being released by Metal Blade Records you know you are in for a treat.

Album opener, ‘A Dark Horse,’ is a powerful introduction, with its slow, eerie beginning before it throws you straight into the deep end with fast paced, thrashy guitar work with some ideal and contrasting clean vocals. The riffs, rhythm and groove penetrating your ears in this track is enough to make you disregard any hesitations you may have had about Pittman‘s previous pop affiliations.

As the full-length continues it intensifies, with ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ stepping up the game with riffs and solos that catch your attention and leave you wanting more. This track and the album as a whole has a dark, predatory tone to it that makes it hauntingly memorable.

Pittman pays his dues to his pop history with ‘Everything’s Undone,’ a fiery mix of pop and rock/metal elements, which even pay a little homage to post-grunge. At the two-minute mark the guitar really picks up and creates a catchy, head banging tune and incorporates a more eerie, gothic sounding vocal style. Pittman has done a great job at making really infectious and addictive songs.

‘Before the Mourning Son’ is a stand out track, showing just what Pittman is capable of presenting. The track starts off. The badass riffs and bass work contrasted with this harmonious vocal effort, offers something interesting and adds that little bit of diversity to the album.

If you haven’t heard of Monte Pittman at this point, now is the time to check him out. The album is full of solid guitar work and holds a darkness that leaves you intrigued. The record’s ability to flow while still incorporating many different influences makes it a great listen.


‘The Power Of Three’ is a compelling album. The guitar work throughout is proficient with the emphisis being largely on the riffs and solos. Ranging from pop to grunge to metal, any fan of metal should give this album a try. 


1. A Dark Horse
2. Delusions of Grandeur
3. Everything’s Undone
4. Blood Hungry Thirst
5. On My Mind
6. Away from Here
7. Before the Mourning Son
8. End of the World
9. Missing
10. All Is Fair in Love and War

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