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Are You Kidding Me? No


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A little bit of everything rolled into one.


90 / 100

Italy’s Destrage have been described as many things. Punk, thrash, alternative rock and many more all mashed into one sound. This can be a good thing, but equally a band quality if not done right. Diversity is welcomed and often refreshing, but not if it’s merely at the expense of proper direction. It’s no good throwing a bunch of genres together and seeing what sticks.

Essentially, the combination of so many sounds and influences can have a habit of leading to disaster. Thankfully, Destrage manage to use these many influences to their advantage, making a name for themselves with eclectic music. Now they are back with their third studio album, ‘Are You Kidding Me? No.’

If first impressions are the most important, ‘Destroy Create Transform Sublime‘ definitely will not disappoint. Memorable guitar riffs start us off before we are thrown into the mix of different sounds ranging from gritty punk to cleans to deep and growling metal vocals. It’s a mixture, which leaves the listener on their toes. The procession of sounds is not predictable, which makes the full-length an interesting experience.

The whole album is one big unexpected journey with styles being experimented; all of which mix well together. The contrast of scratchy punk vocals next to really dense (almost) black metal style croons might seem like a weird concept but Destrage manage to make it all sound like it is meant to be there. While ‘Are You Kidding Me? No‘ might hold some big contrasts nothing really feels like it doesn’t belong, which is one of the biggest things the band has pulled off here.

The guitar work in itself deserves a mention with the whole album being a monster of riffs and fast paced, technical guitar work that in no way lacks groove. Songs such as ‘My Green Neighbour‘ and ‘Host, Rifles & Coke‘ reflect this claim.

The record is intriguing at every turn and will appeal to a variety of musical preferences. Decide for yourself.


‘Are You Kidding Me? No’ is an album that manages to make so many different elements and genres work together to create a really fun and upbeat album. The songs are exciting, intriguing and angsty. With such an array of sounds, this album is one that holds a little something for everybody. 


1. Destroy Create Transform Sublimate
2. Purania
3. My Green Neighbour
4. Hosts, Rifles & Coke
5. G.O.D.
6. Where the Things Have No Colour
7. Waterpark Bachelorette
8. Before, After and All Around
9. – (Obedience)
10. Are You Kidding Me? No.

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