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Comeback Kid are one of the biggest names in modern day hardcore, hands down. Their sharp and viscous brand of hardcore is rarely rivaled by any of their peers, which results in each new album from the Canadian quintet standing miles above the competition. It’s been four years since the band’s last outing, ‘Symptoms Cures‘, and now in 2014, the group unveils ‘Die Knowing‘. It is just as good as ‘Symptoms…‘, easily! And you might want to brace yourselves, but it’s just as good, if not better, than the band’s ’05 break through record, ‘Wake The Dead‘.


Those are some big words, for sure. But this new twelve track release has captured Comeback Kid at their heaviest and their loudest, which has created one of the biggest and best sounding albums of the band’s fourteen year career.


Die Knowing‘ features plenty of groove inspired baselines and concise, heavy riffs (both of which are monolithic in size), and they will have your head bobbing along in no time. Lower The Line‘,‘Beyond, and the short, but briskly paced ‘Full Swing‘ are some of the fastest moments on ‘Die Knowing‘. These are the kind of songs that are sure to whip up a circle pit or two. Also, the thrashy, one and a half minute ‘I Depend, I Control‘ is one of the heaviest points on the whole album and is a much welcomed addition to the Comeback Kid‘s monstrous catalogue.


It isn’t just all circle pits and heavy, headbang-laden sessions however. Unconditional‘ and ‘Didn’t Even Mind‘ are surprisingly catchy, despite not having any clean vocals or any clear pop-punk influences, and both are also relatively mid-tempo. They stick right inside your head and are two of the best tracks on the album. Seriously, these songs are almost as addictive as crack! Furthermore, one of the album’s singles, ‘Should Know Better‘ and the record’s closing track, ‘Sink In‘ feature strong gang vocal sections. All of which sound like a thousand sweaty, tattooed, pierced and hardcore merch sporting fans crowded into a small venue singing along. No surprise, Comeback Kid have always nailed the gang vocals and sing-a-long parts incredibly well.


But, the cream of the crop is ‘Somewhere In This Miserable…, which is easily the best track on ‘Die Knowing‘. This song is filled with so much energy and aggression, it’s hard to resist not destroying your surroundings in a mosh inducing vigourous rage. The most bad-ass track of 2014 right here!


Drummer Kyle Profeta is as always, on top of his game. From slow, but incredibly tight half-time grooves, to fast, blistering bursts and punk core beats; the man just does it all. Of course, it wouldn’t be Comeback Kid without vocalist Andrew Neufeld’s harsh, loud, raspy voice screaming out. Even if you’ve never heard any of the band’s music before, chances are you’ve heard Neufeld making a guest appearance on various tracks from While She SleepsThe Ghost InsideSet Your Goals and Architects.


The only problem with ‘Die Knowing‘ is that it’s a run-of-the-mill hardcore album that has fortunately been written and executed in a near flawless manner. Which means that this is not the band trying something new or different, it’s just more of the same. However, if the five-piece had of branched out and explored other musical avenues, then ‘Die Knowing‘ might not have been as good as it stands now. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword, but more of the same from Comeback Kid thankfully means getting some of the best hardcore music going at the moment.


From the distorted crescendo riff and rumbling percussion driven intro of ‘Die Knowing’ to the slow diminuendo of the anthem album closer ‘Sink In’, Comeback Kid’s fifth album is easily one of the best hardcore albums of 2014. It’s heavy and fast when it needs to be, it’s viscous and aggressive when it is demanded, and it’s loud as all fuck! Andrew Neufeld and co show the newcomers and their peers alike how it’s really done.


Die Knowing
Lower The Line
Wasted Arrows
Losing Sleep
Should Know Better
I Depend, I Control
Somewhere in This Miserable…
Didn’t Even Mind
Full Swing
Sink In

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