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Ghost Empire


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An enjoyable metalcore album that shows further potential.


65 / 100

Caliban have had many years to tweak and perfect their sound. Where ‘I Am Nemesis’ put them at the forefront of metalcore, the band has never seemed to excel any further. Now with their ninth album, ‘Ghost Empire,’ the group has returned to a traditional approach.

The album itself has quite a basic metalcore set-up with the first track, ‘King,’ exhibiting this structure that builds the foundations of a down the line full-length. Though to say that a standard metalcore structure is used doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. The band stays true to the genre but their ideal riffs and breakdowns they manage to produce set the album apart from the overly generic.

Ghost Empire‘ combines a mixture of elements from the heavier sides of metal to pop influences and even synth sounds with songs like ‘Chaos – Creation’ that merge the heavy head banging with lighter moments.

Metalcore is often a touchy subject with today’s perceptive metalhead, but Caliban have managed to incorporate some solid, well-thought out sounds that will warm you up to the genre with songs such as ‘Wolves And Rats’.

Equally, Caliban‘s "melodic hardcore" stylings are certainly not lost here either. Songs such as ‘Cries and Whispers’ showcase their melodic abilities and bring some real emotion to the album.

While the record has a few duds, with songs such as ‘Good Man’ feeling a little far on the generic, over done side, ‘Ghost Empire‘, as a whole, has some stand out songs that highlight Caliban’s musical progress and shows potential for the band.


Ghost Empire is an energetic and enjoyable album. While overall the guitar work is simple and at times it’s generic metalcore, the full-length is full of energy with rough, growling and quite masculine vocals, and some intense breakdowns. All this combined, Caliban manage to create a solid album.


1. King
2. Chaos – Creation
3. Wolves And Rats
4. nebeL (feat. Bastian Sobtzick)
5. I Am Ghost
6. Devil’s Night
7. yOUR Song
8. Cries And Whispers
9. Good Man
10. I Am Rebellion
11. Who We Are
12. My Vertigo

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