The Basics – My Brains Off (And I Like It)



My Brains Off (And I Like It)






For Fans Of

Gotye, The Whitlams


For those who missed the show.


77 / 100

To celebrate the return from their hiatus, and proving that despite the fact he is one of the countries biggest musicians, Wally De Backer (Gotye), is still happy to acknowledge his roots. The Basics have recorded their Melbourne comeback show at the Northcote Social Club, and packaged it up in a nice little CD/DVD combo for all to enjoy.

If the release does anything, it explains the band name, not that it needed explaining but what we have here is a simple, down to earth, Melbourne three-piece rock band, armed with a touch of quirk and some impressive harmonies rocking out like the Australian pub band days of old. The play-list features old tracks (which most of their catalogue is) plus some cuts from the recently released b-sides record and very disappointingly leaves their biggest and best song ‘With This Ship’ out of the proceedings.

It’s not perfect, but it’s live and that is the point, it feels live, the DVD helps you see what is going on but the audio is raw enough to place you at the show. De Backer shines with his unwavering vocals over some fairly impressive drum lines. His talent is sickening, and frontmen Kris Schroeder and Tim Heath provide a stand-up comedy routine of sorts between and during songs. There is an air of humour in their songs, ‘Yeah Yeah’ for example, which seems more like a light-hearted joke than a solemn break-up song like it tries to present itself, Schroeder laughing throughout the songs also indicates the less than serious vibe the band emit.

Highlights include the bouncy ‘Just Hold On’ and the relaxed cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘As Long As I Can See The Light’, but for the most part, everything is tight, enjoyable and delivered with a smile.

The group’s biggest weapon however, the three part harmonies, are what steal the show. Sure the guitar lines and solos are pristine and the drums are basically perfect, but those harmonies, well, I’ll be damned if they don’t just steal the limelight in every song.


The Basics are a solid Aussie rock band who just like to have fun, and this little package is a nice way to let you have fun with them and mark the return from their hiatus. That being said, hiatus over lads, time for some new music.


1. So Hard For You
2. The No. 1 Cause Of Death Amongst Youth Today
3. Three Cool Cats
4. Second Best
5. Yeah, Yeah
6. Besame Mucho
7. She’s Gonna B. Late
8. Hey There!
9. Just Hold On
10. Lovin’ Man
11. As Long As I Can See The Light
12. Proud Mary
13. Hey Rain
14. Rattle My Chain
15. Call It Rhythm And Blues

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