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A record that makes Canberra and melodic hardcore look good.


90 / 100

In the fictitious list of the best punk and hardcore scenes in the various states within Australia, Canberra most often crops up among the least lively. Whether it’s the international bands that play to mostly empty rooms, or that there’s not enough kids in the area aware of shows, Purity are proving that Canberra’s unwarranted reputation isn’t due to a lack of decent bands doing good things in the community. With an attitude that is wholesome and sincere, and music that is powerful both live and on record, Purity’s first official release gives people reason to take Canberra a little more seriously.

Little Park begins with the speculative spoken word of the track ‘Pessimist With A Half Full Glass,’ which stands apart from similar veins if only for the subtle Australia accent colouring poignant lyrics like ‘hope is just a flower in bloom, give it some time and it’ll die too.’ To a backdrop of hollow guitar melodies, Purity’s lead singer delivers a performance that is a testimony to what a hardcore vocalist should be aiming for to achieve. Throwing every ounce into a flawless performance, the vocals, which cover both the heavy and the clean(ish) in tracks like, ‘Desperate Souls’ and the title track, should leave you emotionally drained and more than a little impressed.

In solid tracks like ‘On the Coldest Of Nights’, and ‘Ashley’ it’s apparent that Purity have improved the production tenfold, and their attention to melody and rhythm has picked up alongside it. If there’s one thing you should know before giving this record a spin, it’s that Little Park has to have your undivided attention. It’s not enough to listen to it with one ear bud in while you’re chatting to your mate; the full weight of Purity’s power of delivery will only take effect in one dedicated sitting.

Lyrically, Little Park is not for those looking to be inspired in any way. Instead it’s a record for those looking for comfort in the idea that, when it comes right down to the cruel, miserable fact of life, they have company. For affirmation of the kind, look no further than ‘Desperate Souls,’ where the vocalist beseeches ‘we’re all desperate souls/ we’re all miserable’ and in ‘Winter Coats’ where the spoken vocals utter ‘we hold each other’s hands into depression’ – a line that seems to sum up the value of Little Park.


The personality of Little Park is brought to life by the unique and impressive fusion of the vocals and instruments that Purity have to work with. Full of excruciating pain, caused both by love loss and self-loathing, the lyrical storytelling in this record shines. It would be a minor crime if Purity were to be overlooked this year, because with Little Park melodic hardcore has never sounded better.


1. Pessimist With A Half Full Glass
2. The Coldest Of Nights 
3. Desperate Souls ft. Adrian Jung 
4. Winter Coats 
5. Little Park
6. Ashley

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