The Kennedy Veil – Trinity Of Falsehood


Trinity Of Falsehood


Unique Leader



For Fans Of

Unhuman - Amputated


Over half an hour of constant, sheer brutality.


70 / 100

Sacramento has become a melting pot of heavy metal bands. With their metal scene on the rise, and only a stone’s throw north of the bustling Bay Area thrash scene, they have managed to spit out some successful bands, among these being The Kennedy Veil present their new full-length album, ‘Trinity Of Falsehood.’

What this album aims to achieve is to put the band at the forefront of the metal scene with a modern take on technical death metal. The band’s claim of "no throwbacks, no breakdowns, no wanking, no trends", is firm and promise they manage to keep here.

On a first listen there is no doubt about their ability to create absolutely crushing, face melting death metal with the opening track, ‘Ad Noctum,’ sparing you no time to ease into it. ‘Trinity of Falsehood‘ is a straight up heavy, head banging album all around.

The guitar work is technical and enjoyable, however with the songs being quite short the element of challenge for the instrumentals is cut short. The guitar work and complimentary drumming balance the rest of the album well. Although, they could have benefited from making some songs longer to show off those instrumentals.

The guitar riffs throughout are quite prominent and enjoyable and the hooks manage to salvage the album’s sometimes lacking instrumental moments. While the bass guitar also often takes a back seat in reviews, ‘Beneath The Shroud of Atonement,’ manages to really show off the effortless, tech/death metal bass work of The Kennedy Veil and emphasise all the instruments complimenting one another.

The Kennedy Veil have managed to make an enjoyable, ear splitting death metal album. It is ferocious and doesn’t take a break, which may divide audiences with some people longing for just a short rest while others will love the non-stop brutality. While the band still has some perfecting to do on their own brand of death metal, they have managed to showcase their skills this time around.


‘Trinity Of Falsehood’ is definitely a brutal and enjoyable piece of work. Its constant bombardment of heavy death metal means you will most likely either love it or hate it. It has technical potential if nothing else. It is nothing revolutionary and needs some work in areas but it is definitely one for a death metal fans collection.


1. Ad Noctum
2. Eulogy of the Divine
3. Enslave.Defile.Erase
4. Trinity of Falsehood
5. King of Slaves
6. Seventh Circle
7. Necrotic Gospel
8. Beneath the Shroud of Atonement
9. Disciples of Dead Aeons
10. In the Ashes of Humanity
11. Perfidia

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