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Distant Is The Sun


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The album holds new quirks that make it well worth the wait.


90 / 100

It has been seven years since the last Vanishing Point album and fans have been anticipating new material from this loved Australian power metal band. The wait and expectation supported by the assertions from the band, proclaiming: “it’s a little more technical, more progressive, more of a step forwards compared to how we were previously, yet keeping our melodic feel intact. But at the same time, our existing fans will love it as well.” …so, has ‘Distant Is the Sun‘ lived up to expectations? 

The album as a whole is theatrical and definitely more technical like it was described. The title track is a spectacular example with its strong guitar riffs sprinkled throughout met with slow, melodic piano elements. The classic metal aggression contrasted with the sweet innocence of the piano and the infectious chorus makes it a stand out track.

Distant Is the Sun‘ really shows the guitars shining, with tracks such as ‘Circle Of Fire’ excelling with super fast paced instrumentals and sweet riffs and solos scattered throughout. Every song manages to make the instrumentals breakthrough in some way, while the vocals reach a new level with the occasional high scream rearing its head.

There are definitely some tracks that might raise eyebrows to some of the old fans and fans of power metal with songs experimenting like ‘Let The River Run,’ which gives off some more classic rock kind of vibes. The album is different and a step forward for the band, with different elements of genres incorporated. Don’t let that frighten you though, you don’t have to look far for some great, classic metal that Vanishing Point have proven they can provide.


‘Disntant Is The Sun,’ is an album that is worth the seven year wait. Vanishing point have managed to create a record that really lets the intrumental work show and build on their previous talents. The album is big, theatrical and a new stepping stone for the band.


1. Beyond Redemption (Intro)
2. King Of Empty Promises
3. Distant Is The Sun
4. When Truth Lies
5. Circle Of Fire
6. Let The River Run
7. Denied Deliverance
8. Story Of Misery
9. Era Zero
10. Pillars Of Sand
11. As December Fades
12. Handful Of Hope
13. Walls Of Silence
14. April (Instrumental)

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