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Kill The Power


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Just when you thought Skindred had done it all..


90 / 100

Skindred have become a well known name in the alternative music scene, making themselves heard thanks largely to their memorable live shows and their brand of metal meets reggae meets elements of electronic. Self-proclaiming new album, ‘Kill The Power‘ has been their toughest album yet. the question presents itself: has all that hard work paid off?

Album opener and title-track is an early highlight. Originally, the idea of metal and reggae/hip-hop together sounds like something that probably shouldn’t happen but Skindred proves the combination of these genres can create something even more powerful and catchy.

The album is an experimentation of so many different influences, from the garage band sounding ‘Ruling Force,’ to songs like ‘Playing with the Devil’, which play more heavily on the group’s dub step and electronic influences. Now if you are worried that the original Skindred sounds might have been lost in all these influences, you don’t have to look past tracks like ‘Open Eyed’ and ‘Ninja’ to be satisfied.

Kill the Power‘ has everything from your heavy reggae influenced (‘Worlds On Fire‘) to even some ska punk driven tracks like ‘Saturday.’ Then as we reach the final tracks we are graced with heaby moments for the metal lovers out there. ‘Proceed With Caution’ has the chugging guitars and aggressive vocals that is the last element needed to make up this crazy, intriguing offering.

The full-length has hooks in all the right places and manages to combine so many different sounds and still make it seem cohesive. It packs a punch and will surely transfer as one of their best albums to play live yet.


‘Kill The Power’ is an eccentric album that has influences from all over the musical spectrum mashed into one. The crazy sound is infectious and intriguing with all these influences working together for a greater purpose, creating an album that you most certainly wont be able to stop playing once you start.


1. Kill the power
2. Ruling force
3. Playing with the devil
4. Worlds on fire
5. Ninja
6. The kids are right now
7. We live
8. Open eyed
9. Dollars and dimes
10. Saturday
11. Proceed with caution
12. More fire

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