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A great post-hardcore debut from an equally great band.


96 / 100

Prepared Like a Bride have been taking this country by storm. The Gold Coast heavy-hitters have shown the country just how you write post-hardcore music. They have combined powerful percussion and bass with strong guitar riffs and blissful melodies. Blended together with harsh, gruff screams, PLAB know how to write music people want to hear. And this is precisely, the best description of their debut LP, ‘Overcomer‘.


This album shows not only the talent that this band already contains but the potential talent they have yet to release. With songs like ‘Alone‘ and ‘1995‘, you’ll easily hear just how well they can operate and at the same time see they still have even more room to grow. It really makes you excited for the years to come with PLAB.


There is certain type of melody to this group. It feels so unique yet so homely and familiar too. The title track really works off this. With the emotional backdrop of its personal subject matter, the track showcases the heavy aspect of PLAB really well but the underlying melody is something you think you’d skip over, but it’s actually something you’re drawn to. It pulls you in and you feel just how well crafted this is presented. They haven’t thrown together a hardcore rhythm section and just layered some guitar melody in the middle. It’s meticulously been thought out and structured.


Another song that does this excellently and also features significant amounts of clean vocal work is  the track ‘Silent Fear‘. It once again combines all the heaviness and melodic work to create a stellar track.

Equally, the heavier tracks are shiners too. Take ‘
Through Hell‘ for example. It’s definitely one of the heavier songs on the record and not only does it feature a great guest vocal section from Landon Tewers (The Plot In You) but also has a crushing sound to it that many fans of this genre will appreciate. Other such heavier songs like ‘Blood Red‘ and ‘Ocean Tide‘ are welcome additions.


Lyrically, it’s a great one too. It deals with the loss of lead singer, Ryan Bowles’ father and feelings of animosity, alienation and emotional pain. Although at times blunt and to the point a little too much, you’ll find them very relatable and respectful for the amount of personal feeling injected into them.


Prepared Like a Bride are a genuinely great band. They have a unique sound and skills that put many to shame. And they really show them out in the light on ‘Overcomer’. It’s an honest, powerful and at time heart-wrenching post-hardcore release that won’t just out them in the map; it will make them a tourist attraction.    


Blood Red
Ocean Tide
Through Hell
Silent Fear
Liberty (Bonus Track)

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