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A mixed bag of geners executed brilliantly.


90 / 100

When Chino Moreno and Shaun Lopez first got together creating music under the name of Crosses, the idea was to release a series of EPs. The band did that, releasing two EPs initially but have now announced this, the full length self titled album, HOWEVER, it is predominantly made up of tracks from the first EP releases with the equivalent of a third EPs worth of new songs, so really they just combined all of the EPs. We explain this so that fans of the band will realise that they have already heard most of this record. That being said though, when all combined, it’s a brilliant record.

Kicking off with ‘This Is A Trick’ and ‘Telepathy’, from EP one and two respectively, and arguably two of the group’s finer tracks, the style is explained as early, stripped back electronica with as many hip-hop tendencies as rock ones, laced with that unmistakable Moreno croon.

The first of the newer tracks is lead single ‘Bitches Brew’, a dirtier moment with a haze of distortion set throughout, all leading to a scream filled ending, which could rival even some of the Deftones heavier works. This is continued with ‘Thholyghst’, which is much more similar to the works of Far and Deftones (the members main projects) than the Crosses style outlined in the opening songs. You can’t hide where you come from.

Another new track, ‘The Epilogue’, brings things back to the chilled vibe incorporating some mainstream melodic hooks and horns hinting at the crossover potential of this band, just what every Deftones fan wants, Chino in the Top 40. The band member’s love of hip-hop shows itself in the grime beat of ‘Blk Stallion’, which takes a u-turn during its bright indie rock like chorus, basically no genre is off limits for these guys.

The album closes on ‘Death Bell’, a soft piano driven number set to a glitchy beat and reverberated vocals. An eclectic and enjoyable release.


Every track is a winner despite the fact that we have heard most of them before, which is only really an issue for existing fans, if you have never heard anything from Crosses this will most likely be one of your favourite albums this year.


1. This Is A Trick
2. Telepathy
3. Bitches Brew
4. Thholyghst
5. Trophy
6. The Epilogue
7. Bermuda Locket
8. Frontiers
9. Nineteen Ninety Four
10. Option
11. Nineteen Eighty Seven
12. Blk Stallion
13. Cross
14. Death Bell

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