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The album that perhaps marks Alcest's abandonment of metal.


60 / 100

Fuck introductions! Of Mice & Men need none! The post-hardcore powerhouse are dropping their third album ‘Restoring Force‘ and boy is it a ripper!


From the get go this album feels viscous. Whether it’s the pounding drums, the down-tuned guitars or thick bass grooves or even Austin Carlisle’s harsh and angry screams, this album will tear through your speakers with a vengeance.


Anyone who’s listened to the Of Mice & Men before will notice instantly the sheer amount of extra adrenaline and power that has been injected into their songs. Even Aaron Pauley’s clean vocals have an edge to them. All this shows a new side to Of Mice & Men that will still feel home to many fans but will also attract an even bigger demographic.


Songs like ‘Bones Exposed‘ and ‘Public Service Announcement‘ are these spiteful and angry tracks that throw themselves along and charge through into your eardrums full throttle.


But there are of course the ballads that the band experimented with briefly on their sophomore ‘The Flood‘ such as ‘Another You‘ and ‘Space Enough to Grow‘. Yet here they feel far more refined and are excited far better than that of ‘My Understandings’. This is probably because of their use of Carlisle’s screams and a heavier tone to mix things up.


If there is one flaw to this post-hardcore beast, then it’s that things do get a bit repetitive. It’s a sad fact but this happens a lot in this genre. Thankfully, the band have avoided songs that breach the four and a half minute mark, making the monotony less of a downfall.  


Lyrically, it’s a classic Of Mice & Men release. It’s emotional and heartfelt and will hit home to many listeners. There’s also a great amount of aggressive undertone  here and there that really,works well with the heavier direction this one took.


One thing that is worth mentioning is the vocal combination. Carlisle and Pauley work brilliantly together with their modal ranges suiting better creating a bit more balance than previously done before. Both men do an excellent job on delivering passion and honesty and emotion, no matter their chosen line.


‘Restoring Force’ will satisfy previous Of Mice & Men fans but will also draw in many more. It’s a raw and ruthless release that lacks in flaws and keeps pounding away no matter what. The songs have a far heavier and energetic tone that many people have really been wanting from them. The band are really pulling out the stops to show their worth and prove they’re not the same crab-core youngsters when the band begun.

If you’re looking for something to sink your teeth into, fan or not, pick this up, you won’t regret it.




1. Wings
2. Opale
3. La Nuit Marche Avec Moi
4. Voix Sereines
5. L’Eveil Des Muses
6. Shelter
7. Away
8. Délivrance

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