Mutoid Man – Helium Head



Helium Head


Magic Bullet Records



For Fans Of

Sandrider - Cave In - Converge


An enjoyably chaotic and heavy rock album.


90 / 100

Ben Koller of Converge and Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky. That’s the only selling point you need. No descriptions, no elaboration and certainly no gentle nudges. This is immediately worth your interest.

Mutoid Man have quickly established themselves as a band characterised by intense and crazy prog influenced rock music on ‘Helium Head’. The band has manage to create an unstoppable force with music that is fast paced, and mixed with the elements of the aforementioned musicians.

Helium Head‘ has been described as "classic rock on bath salts and a case of energy bars." And it might just be apt. The bar for this album is set high. With the influences from both Koller and Brodsky’s mainstays combined, the release proves an addictive and exciting listening experience.

Right from the first track, ‘Gnarcissist,’ you are sucked in. The song is bursting with energy and life, a great introduction that paves the way for this EP. It’s fun, upbeat and yet still has that perfect amount of heaviness to it, a consistent theme throughout this EP.

The EP is intense in every way, hammering and psychedelic guitar riffs, gritty, screaming vocals met with harmonious cleans and not to forget the frantic, talented drumming that tops it all off. Tracks such as ‘Scrape The Walls‘ really push this chaotic style and would be an absolute killer live.

Penultimate track ‘Lost In The Hive,’ ends the EP on a heavy note with nothing left undone. The whole album build and builds upon its dirty, heavy sound with each song until you finally reach this end track completely satisfied. The entire offering is fun and exciting for both the listener and the band, a very memorable listen.


‘Helium Head’ is a fantastically fun, energetic and equally heavy rock album. The chaos and gritty, dirty sounds that mix with some psychedelic undertones make it something unique and make for a great bunch of songs for a live setting. 


1. Gnarcissist 
2. Scavengers 
3. Scrape the Walls 
4. Friday the 13/8 
5. Sacriledge 
6. Lost in the Hive 
7. The Manimals

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