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A great comeback album, both melodic and relentlessly heavy


90 / 100

Still Remains arguably conquered the metalcore scene in their formative years. Even if conquered is too generous a word, the band certainly had a strong following when US metalcore was in its prime.

While the group suffered the same fate as many of their peers – disbanding in 2008 – a tick in Still Remains’ favour is their ability to persevere and return.

Previous singles, ‘Closer to the Grave‘ and ‘Crone‘ set some reasonable expectations with that trademark mix of aggression and melody still existent. So the question prevails, does ‘Ceasing To Breathe’ justify and equally vindicate the comeback?

Beginning on a crushing, aggressive tone with ‘Bare Your Teeth’, solid guitar intros and menacing screams make for a dynamic and live atmosphere. The album feels like a mash-up between their older albums but without enough progression and modern relevance.

The band’s time apart has only allowed their skills to grow individually and come together to create a colossal work of art. The riffs guide the instrumentals throughout the album and the drums encompass this all perfectly. The songs are technical and beefy, nothing is pointless or merely a filler, but rather every song is part of the emotional and musical journey of this album. The more you listen to it the more you notice little things about it.

While ‘Ceasing to Breathe’ is filled with gritty and aggressive instrumentals along with its screams, other songs on the album are also melodic and show Still Remains’ diversity – namely ‘Crone‘ or ‘F.F.I’, which showcase this enhanced melody.

Ceasing To Breathe‘ is a well-put together musical roller coaster. Heavy, harmonious and well balanced. The end track for the album, ‘Bitter Shroud Repentance,’ completely wraps it all up with no loses ends and no disappointments.

Comeback albums are a risky business. Sink or swim in the most intended of ways. They are often a tough one to reach success on, but the guys in Still Remains have managed to hit the ball way out of the park with this album.


‘Ceasing To Breathe’ is a killer comeback record from Still Remains. Their time apart has obviously allowed their skills to grow and now they have returned to make what is arguably the band’s best record to date. It has technicality, melody and also the old fashion, signature metalcore elements that they are so well known for. This is a must have in any fans collection.


1. Bare Your Teeth
2. Crone
3. Beacon
5. Closer to the Grave
6. A Way Out
7. Keeping Secrets
8. Ceasing to Breathe
9. F.F.I.
10. Hopeless
11. Reprise
12. Bitter Shroud Repentance

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