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Somewhere Somehow






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Hot Chelle Rae - Simple Plan


With no energy or appeal, this falls short in every aspect.


44 / 100

After much speculation, $250,000 of fans money and a few months, We the Kings have dropped there new album, ‘Somewhere Somehow‘ and it’s shit.


No, seriously. Forget the edgy, slick pop-rock heartthrobs you knew, say hello to poppy, dance inspired trash. From the get-go, Somewhere Somehow‘ has no balls for a lack of a better term. The songs feel very lacklustre and dull with no real energy or even passion to back them up.


The five-piece have released three other star-stellar albums that blew most other bands in the genre out of the water. Yet here they’ve toned it down and it doesn’t feel right.


It’s pretty much a Hot Chelle Rae record gone wrong. That band is pretty good and they know their target area. However, here We the Kings seem to have forgotten that even pop-punk and some punk kids were into them and have gone to please the teeny-boppers whose rich parents poured their oil company money into the crowd-funding of this record.


The guitars trudge along in the background, the bass guitar barely even making an appearance. The percussion is weaker than decaf coffee with half-milk-half-water. Vocal wise it’s fine but it’s hard to get into them when the subject matter for every song is loving or falling out of love. Seriously, they’re not Taylor Swift, they can’t pull that off.

This is simply characterised as forgettable. 


So after a quarter of million dollars wasted on this album, you’ll feel let down. There is next to no energy on this record. Quite simply, it will lose your attention quick. There’s no doubt We the Kings will lose some fans. That being said, the fourteen year old girls will love it.


1. Queen Of Hearts
2. Find You There
3. I Feel Alive
4. I like It
5. That Feeling
6. See You In My Dreams
7. Die Young Live Forever
8. Phoenix Hearts
9. Any other Way
10. Say It Now
11. Art Of War
12. Sad Song (Ft. Elena Coats)
13. Just Keep Breathing

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