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The Cause/The Effect





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A solid, promising slice of local heavy prog-metal.


65 / 100

Split up over two EPs (thusly making up both a Part I and Part II), ‘The Cause’ and ‘The Effect’ are the latest efforts from Sydney band Hearts Like Wolves.

Pairing progressive rock finesse with metalcore bite, you’d be forgiven for assuming Hearts Like Wolves were part of the slew of insufferable acts riding the coat-tails of “djent” – a genre that will arguably go down as having one of the more embarrassing names of the past decade or so. Regardless, Hearts Like Wolves have carved out an impressively individual sound for themselves on ‘The Cause’ and ‘The Effect’.

There’s an immediate and ongoing juxtaposition of light and dark that maintains both a subtle and overt theme throughout the EPs.

Opener ‘The Cause’ begins with a reflective, melodic guitar pattern before giving way to down-tuned, moshworthy riffwork, the band’s strong rhythm section and the defiant, lionhearted roar of vocalist Daniel Soria. Rather than feeling clumsy, the transitions flow naturally as both sides feed off one another. This structure is repeated throughout most of the tracks, as the negotiation between post-rock backdrops and dynamic hardcore energy on songs such as ‘Knowing’ give the EPs their distinctive edge.

Another aspect of note on ‘The Cause’ and ‘The Effect’ is how technically proficient Hearts Like Wolves are musically; both as songwriters and performers. The influence of mathy metalcore acts such as Misery Signals are obvious, nevertheless there are bursts of creative flair scattered throughout with the chops to back them up.


On ‘The Cause’ and ‘The Effect’, Hearts Like Wolves come across as a band who’ve found their feet and are progressing organically as a band. Where many acts could fail attempting the same amalgamation of heavy, technical and reflective, Hearts Like Wolves deliver a strong, capable pair of EPs that secure their place as one of the more promising local names for 2014.


 The Cause (I)

1. The Cause
2. Spit Sick
3. La Maquina
4. Knowing
5. Hope

The Effect (II)

1. Rookwood
2. Symbio
3. Symbiosis
4. Pluto
5. The Effect

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