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For Fans Of

The Gaslight Anthem - Jimmy Eat World - Sharks


Blistering pop-punk with loveable passion and energy.


93 / 100

If any important people get a hold of this record then Indiana pop punk outfit Lost Years will hit the spotlight. That’s the long and short of it as an introductory statement.


You see, the thing about this band is the way they seem to look at the pop-punk genre is to focus on the latter word: "punk". ‘Traditions‘ highlights everything that is already astounding in this genre and makes it even better. There’s an emphasis on the punk side of things here and boy does it work fucking great! Combine that with a hint of pop melodies in vocals and guitars and you’ve got an addictive album that will give these guys more attention than a girl in short-shorts at a funeral in winter.


Songs like ‘Costanza, Can’t Stand Ya’ and ‘American Class‘ combine that contemporary punk rock aesthetic of bands like The Gaslight Anthem and Sharks with that old school pop-punk sound to create catchy, punchy and down right solid tracks. Be warned: They WILL stay in your head for days!


Lost Years keep the same harder feel all the way through, which is slowly being lost on pop-punk bands today.  They’re all about Taylor Swift cover songs and making friends over pizza. Not here. ‘Traditions’ is all about the honesty and the passion. One thing you will notice is that Lost Years don’t throw any real curve balls in. No choir sections, no breakdowns (thank god) or any of the nonsense. 

The more melodic tracks such as ‘I’ve Lost My Marbles‘ do however make a bit of contrast to the short and sharp ones namely ‘What It Feels Like To Be Alone‘ or ‘Hell For the Company‘. But, ‘Traditions‘ has a distinct edgier feel to it so this small contrast is only another positive. The lyrics aren’t too bad either! They feel like a mix of that confessional and honest pop-punk style of lyricism mixed with the angst of old-school punk. 


Traditions‘ is pop punk done the right way. No gimmicks, no generic structures, just purity in the execution.


If you’re looking for something to break the mould of this half-hearted, sissy pop-punk phase the western world is going through then pick up ‘Traditions’. It has an edge that seems to be dying nowadays. It clearly has a lot of influences from many prominent bands with its melodies, its riffs and grooves. So there is bound to be one song that’ll grab you by your heart strings. Lost Years won’t change the world here, but they’re going to have some fun with you trying to. A great record to start the year!




1. The American Dream Is Dead
2. Strung Out & Hopeless
3. I’ve Lost My Marbles
4. Costanza, Can’t Stand Ya
5. What It Feels Like To Be Alone
6. I’ve Still Got A Soul Left To Lose
7. Fast Times At Calumet High
8. Hell For The Company
9. Last Call (With Carson Daly)
10. Traditions

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