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See The Light


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72 / 100

It has been half a decade since we’ve had a full-length offering from ska punk mainstays Less Than Jake, and frankly, when you’ve been around for over two decades, there are certain expectations that people are going to have of you. Nine albums in, Less Than Jake prove once again that they have what it takes to meet those expectations, and if you’re a fan of the band, you’re bound to enjoy their latest release ‘See The Light.’

The first impression of the album is one that lasts throughout the whole album. As soon as ‘Good Enough‘ kicks off, we hear the familiar sounds of the up-stroke guitar chord progression, and the horn riffs that were so prominent from LTJ and other bands in the genre. This follows through into next track, ‘My Money is on the Longshot‘ and more or less remains throughout the whole album. So, there’s nothing particularly groundbreaking here. It is however, just as fun, if not more so than ever, and will have you wanting to get up and dance around wherever you may happen to be listening.

The album stands apart in the band’s discography as a result of the production process. Produced by bassist Roger Lima, the album is probably the best ‘sound wise’ the band has ever released. ‘See the Light‘ isn’t too polished and manages to maintain the type of honesty that you expect from any type of punk rock without managing to sound like it was recorded on a dirt-cheap console before being mixed by some dude who got the software for free and doesn’t know how to use it.

The album peaks at both ‘Bless The Cracks,’ and ‘The Troubles‘ which breathe a lot of life into the record with some incredibly catchy sing-a-long choruses that LTJ‘s brand of ska punk thrives on, which stand out among an already pretty strong collection shown on the rest of the album.


‘See The Light’ is a very familiar release. The band don’t seem to go to any crazy effort to break new ground. They have, however, gone to a lot of effort to create what they’re known for: Fun, catchy, ska punk. Less Than Jake have definitely managed to pull that off. As a result, ‘See The Light’ is a commendable release.


  1. Good Enough
  2. My Money Is On The Longshot
  3. Jump
  4. The Loudest Songs
  5. Do The Math
  6. Bless The Cracks
  7. John The Baptist Bones
  8. American Idle
  9. The Troubles
  10. Give Me Something To Believe In
  11. Sunstroke
  12. A Short History Lesson
  13. Weekends All Year Long

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