I’ll Stay In Memphis – Hollow Earth/Vacant Body


Hollow Earth/Vacant Body





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For such a young band this is a standout release even haters of this genre should look at.


87 / 100

For a band just two years into their formation, Manchester’s I’ll Stay In Memphis present an impressive and confident offering with ‘Hollow Earth/Vacant Body‘.


As opener ‘Ochrelung‘ kicks into full swing you get the taste of this EP on your lips. It’s a common template, but it’s a shameless approach. It’s true, solid metalcore with an almost djent influence. Sure, it’s nothing new, but it’s still engaging.

So you’re probably thinking, "Oh yeah, seems all right." Just wait…

Dendropendaency‘ and ‘When Veins Succumb To Roots‘ are simply monsters. They’re melodic yet fast and heavy. They hit that sweet spot of perfect guitar and vocal work with a well executed rhythm section to back it up. However, ‘In Separation We Wither‘ feels a bit like a filler.

Growhealer‘ and ‘CollideDivide‘ take a bit more of an ambient approach and once again hit the nail on the head when it comes to the balance of light and heavy. They soar along and really grab your attention before the EP loops back around.

Hollow Earth/Vacant Body‘ has its rough edges, but the dynamic execution ensures this band does not fall into the generic and insipid category of metalcore bands. Worth a listen.


Look, this EP is great but you can’t expect it to shift the foundations of music. If you can walk in and take this for the solid metalcore release it is then you’ll have a blast. It’s got the right amount of riffs and melodies with a well balanced work of cleans and screams that make for a good listen. Keep your eye on these lads, big things are sure to come.




  1. Ochrelung
  2. Dendropendency
  3. When Veins Succumb to Roots
  4. In Separation, We Wither
  5. Growhealer
  6. Collide. Divide

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