Evergreen Terrace – Dead Horses


Dead Horses


Rise Records




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Hectic, mental and gorgeous post hardcore.


95 / 100

Messy. That’s the best word to describe the sound of Evergreen Terrace. Their latest effort, ‘Dead Horses‘ is no exception; from its opener ‘Crows‘ to the finish of ‘That Dog’ll Hunt‘, there is an undeniable craziness to the album’s sound that always endears.

Whether it’s the blistering percussion section that pounds away on tracks like ‘When You’re Born In a The Gutter, You End Up In The Port’ or the roaring bass guitar that backs it up; there is no doubt you will feel every second of ‘Dead Horses‘ on every centimetre of your body.  
Additionally, guitars are also another great addition to this post-hardcore aural-hurricane. There are riffs and licks coming out of Craig Chaney and Alex Varian’s arses on this one. They lead the songs along, smashing your eardrums all the way. Contrastively, Andrew Carey’s screams are as raw as meat off a bone. They almost sound like that of a dead horse! That’s meant in the best way possible. Passion and energy is a keen attribute to these that is often lost on so many vocalists these days. 
But like every storm, there must me a calm. Evergreen Terrace‘s use of clean vocals is always a welcome presence. They simply fit in the blueprint. This time around it’s no different, with the band providing brutality with harmony to create overall balance.
However, if there is one criticism, the album is a little bit repetitive but at only ten tracks it’s not troubling enough to detract or annoy listeners. Evergreen Terrace have got the job done again.


Evergreen Terrace have a unique and ruthless sound that shows them at the top of their game on ‘Dead Horses’. From the heavy rhythm section and the slick guitar work, to the great combination of the vocals, this is an album that you don’t want to miss! Enough said.


  1. "Crows" 
  2. "When You’re Born in the Gutter, You End Up in the Port" 
  3. "Crows" 
  4. "Post Satanic Ritual Baby" 
  5. "Dead Horses" 
  6. "Browbeaters Anonymous" 
  7. "It’s All Over But the Cryin’" 
  8. "Lacuna Inc." 
  9. "Mike Myers Never Runs, But He Always Catches Up" 
  10. "The Fortunate Ones" 
  11. "That Dog’ll Hunt" 

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