Temple of Baal – Versus of Fire


Versus of Fire


Agonia Records



For Fans Of

Behemoth - Aosoth


An intense hybrid of death and black metal


80 / 100

Temple of Baal have been one of the big names to come out of the French metal scene, releasing much loved albums over the band’s 15 years of life. The group, which began as a black metal outfit have slowly transitioned themselves into a heavier, death metal hybrid. Newest album, ‘Versus of Fire,’ is no exception to this influence and even throws in some melodic elements.

Right off the bat you are ambushed with ‘ôï áóôÝñé 418’, which offers no slow or instrumental introduction but instead greets you with brutal, angry vocals and fast paced styles. This seven-minute long track sets up the whole album. You know what to expect and can turn back without too much damage if this raging death metal is too much.

Those on a healthy diet of all things heavy will simply revel in the brutality. It’s considered metal with a consistent approach. From the sustained guitar riffs to a blueprint, which focuses on intensity, ‘Versus of Fire‘ is deliberate. 

Closing track, ‘Walls of Fire,’ is full of grooves and melodies that make this track a great one to end the album. It’s full of classic metal elements and doesn’t lose any of the tenacity that the whole album oozes. The full-length is well composed and executed, full of great harmonies and guitar solos. The risks that the band chose to take definitely pay off this time around.


After a long career, Temple of Baal still haven’t lost it and have managed to produce an effective album, with ‘Versus of Fire’. They may not have managed to re-invent metal but the band has managed to slowly but surely re-invent themselves.


 1. ôï áóôÝñé 418
2. Bloodangel
3. Arcana Silentium
4. The 10th Aethyr
5. Gates of Death
6. Gnosis of Fire
7. Golden Wings of Azazel
8. Lord of the Raging Seas
9. Serpens Luminis
10. Walls of Fire

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