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Highly commendable and worthy of more attention.


85 / 100

Metalcore is a harsh beast in 2013 (and perhaps even more severe approaching 2014). The genre has been figured out. The bands that do it well, do it incredibly well, but the groups content with re-hashing As I Lay Dying riffs/breakdowns circa 2004-05 have been found out.

Fortunately, ‘Dichotomy’ is a great release that proves Polaris to be a band worthy of more attention in Australia. These South Sydney metallers have intent.

Jumping out of the gate, ‘In Memoria Di’ lets the band down a little bit, being a fairly average beginning. But, it does reveal a less-polished take on the genre, which is explored in the later tracks, when the screaming vocals enter.

There’s a typical duality between heavy and soft sounds early on. Thankfully, the band decides to break the mould following this.

Aspirations’ is confident and abrupt, and features clean vocals that are absolutely spot on. The track shows that Polaris are definitely a force to be reckoned with, and something which other Australian bands leading in the genre, namely those such as Hands Like Houses and Dream On Dreamer, should watch out for as a new contender.

Deliverance’, holds its ground, while ‘The Undertow’ which, despite knocking down the tempo slightly, still stands strong.

In Parallel’ is introduced with a plethora of wailing guitars. A specific focus is put on the instrumental parts for this track, with many moments that are led by guitar riffs, as well as a couple of interesting drum beats.

Wherever I May Walk’ begins with solemn dissonance. There are emotion-filled screams and some fitting strings. The whole beginning of the track is quite dreamy and awe-inducing, and the song is certainly one of the best on the release.

This is a competent release full of purpose. Locally, there is certainly some solid music emerging.


Although not completely flawless, ‘Dichotomy’ is a great Australian release that proves Polaris to be worthy of a lot more recognition than they are currently receiving.


1. In Memoria Di
2. Aspirations
3. Deliverance
4. The Undertow
5. In Parallel
6. Wherever I May Walk

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