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Straightforward and real.


85 / 100

Broadcast’s intent to create a straightforward and not heavily produced release with ‘Guidelines’ is apparent from the very beginning with ‘Deviants’. It is perhaps an odd choice of beginning for the Swedish band, as the entire song serves as a build to the final epic chant, but it certainly works. 

Unlike many bands dabbling in the post-hardcore genre, Broadcast are not at all out for extravagant displays of technical proficiency. They instead choose to write songs simply based on what sounds good regardless of whether or not a high dexterity may be required. ‘Hopeless Endeavour’ shows this, while also continuing what ‘Deviants’ started. The track is guided by a simple lead guitar for the most part, which, in combat with some great clean vocals and a notable drum moment just following the beginning, makes for a pretty decent track.

The title track is filled with repetitive high-guitar riffs that stand above a more cumbersome low fuzz, while the slow screaming vocals blend into the mix. It is not at all a standout track, but something about the band’s approach says that it wasn’t meant to be.

History, For What It Is’ deviates a little bit, moving in more of a conventional punk direction at the beginning, with fast-paced double time drums, and almost unintelligible bellowing vocals. Soon enough though, things become a little more standard and the general feel of the band returns.

Guidelines’ is honest. It’s rough around the edges to a certain degree, but shows the band puts both energy and effort into their music. Can’t argue with that.


Broadcast are not at all ‘run-of-the-mill’, and this is what sets them apart in a scene where often bands can just blend together. This release shows an sincere band who are not out to prove anything. They just want to write engaging music.


1. Deviants
2. Hopeless Endeavour
3. Guidelines
4. History, For What It Is
5. Came Here To Live

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